Reclaim Lost Home Theater Real Estate with a New Wall Mount


Spring cleaning time is here, and it’s time to clean up your home theater room. You’ve already replaced the dozen or so remotes you have for all your devices with a universal remote, swapped your old component video cables with HDMI, and tied them all up neatly behind your components. Are you finished, though? With cleaning and de-cluttering your viewing area, maybe, but how about maximizing your space? Real estate is expensive, and you don’t want any of it to go to waste.

One good way to get the most of your real estate is to upgrade your display’s wall mount. Just like displays, wall mounts keep getting slimmer, and you could regain some valuable space by replacing your older, bulky wall mount with a thinner model.

Recessed Mounting

This might not be a viable option for apartment dwellers like me, but if you’re a homeowner and want to get your display as close to the wall as possible, then the SANUS LR1A-B1 might work for you. It is a recessed in-wall box that supports 30 to 65" displays weighing up to 130 lb when mounted with either the SANUS VSF415, LRF118, or MF215 articulating mounts. When paired with one of these mounts, you can tilt and turn your display to get the viewing angle just right, then push it back against the wall when you’re finished. In the case of the VSF415, this will save you up to 3.3" of space compared to using the articulating mount alone.

SANUS In-Wall Box

Flat Mounts

A flat mount will typically be the most space-saving type of conventional wall mount. They offer no other function than holding your display on the wall and, in an ideal viewing situation with no glare or off-axis viewers, might be all you need.

Many flat mounts will hold your display 1" or less from the wall for a truly minimal installation. The SANUS LL11 wall mount supports 51 to 80" displays up to 150 lb, and mounts your screen as close as 0.55" to the wall. For large, but not-so-large displays, the Chief RXF2-G X-Large FIT supports 40 to 80" displays up to 175 lb, and will hold it 0.8" from the wall. Covering medium-sized displays, the Peerless-AV ETF2X2 will hold your 22 to 40" display weighing up to 55 lb only 0.6" from the wall. And if your display measures less than 22", the Peerless-AV ETF100 would be a good choice; it supports 10 to 29" displays up to 25 lb and keeps it just 0.6" off the wall.

Peerless-AVFlat Wall Mount for 10 to 29" Displays

Tilt Mounts

As the moniker suggests, tilt mounts will allow you to tilt your display, and that’s about it. If you need some tilt to avoid glare, or if you sit close to the display and have it above eye level, a tilt mount would be recommended. In general, tilt mounts won’t be quite as low-profile as flat mounts because of the tilting mechanism, but as always, some are slimmer than others, and there are still a few models that will sit less than 1" from the wall.

The SANUS VMT14-B1, for example, will hold your 26 to 47" display weighing up to 80 lb just 0.8" from the wall while providing 10° of tilt. If you have a larger display, the Chief Thinstall LLTU supports 37 to 63" displays up to 100 lb, holding one 0.75" from the wall, and provides 12° of tilt. If your display is less than 26", you’ll have to find a tilt mount that’s not quite as slim; the SANUS Premium Series VST4-B1 supports 13 to 39" displays up to 50 lb and tilts ±12° while holding your display 1.78" from the wall.

SANUS Premium Series Tilt Wall Mount for 13 to 39" Flat-Panel Displays

Full-Motion / Articulating Mounts

Full-motion mounts, also known as articulating mounts or “swing-arm” mounts, are not known for being low-profile. They will typically have two or more joints to achieve their full-motion capabilities, and will be bulkier thus; even more so as their weight capacities increase.

The slimmest full-motion mount I’ve found for 30 to 50" displays is the Chief MPTUB, which supports displays up to 125 lb and provides -5 to 10° of tilt adjustment, 45° of swivel adjustment, and up to 9.69" of extension while folding down to 1.88". For 51 to 80" displays, the SANUS VLF510 supports up to 125 lb and has a depth of 1.54", plus it extends up to 10.41" while providing up to 10° of tilt adjustment, ±30° of swivel adjustment, and ±2° of roll adjustment to ensure proper leveling. And for smaller displays, the Peerless-AV PA730 Paramount supports 10 to 29" models weighing up to 25 lb and folds down to hold your display 2.73" from the wall. From there, it extends up to 14.9" and provides ±15° of tilt adjustment, ±90° of swivel adjustment, and ±5° of roll adjustment for leveling purposes.

Peerless-AV Paramount Articulating Wall Arm for 10 to 29" Screens

Of course, this is just a sample of the multitude of mounts available on the market. For all your display mounting needs, feel free to contact the knowledgeable sales staff at B&H either by phone at 800-606-6969, chat, email, or speak with an associate on-site in the SuperStore.