A Mini Server for Your Home


If you have multiple computers in your home, managing them can become a full-time job, especially for the most computer-savvy person in the home. Regular backups, transferring data and eliminating duplicate files is time consuming. But the TS mini Home Server from ASUS makes managing computers much easier, and it adds a lot of functionality to your home network.


The TS mini Home Server from ASUS is a network storage server with an internal 500GB hard drive that provides a central location for data storage. An additional 3.5" SATA drive bay is left open for upgrades. Six USB ports allow you to connect flash drives, IP surveillance cameras and other peripherals to the server. Two eSATA ports support external hard drives. The TS mini is powered by the Windows Home Server platform and it connects to your network via gigabit Ethernet.


The TS mini makes an ideal server for network file access. The server receives a personalized Windows Live Internet address that permits remote file access, so you can get at anything you have stored on it from any Internet-connected computer. You can also stream video, music and photos from the TS mini, allowing you to enjoy your digital media collection whether you’re away from home or simply in another room.


Backing up network computers is also easy because you can set the TS mini to automatically back up as many as ten home computers on a daily basis. If multiple copies of the same data exist on different computers, the data is backed up only once, to conserve space. Once  any attached computers are backed up, if they break down or if any individual folders or files are lost, users can easily restore them. The server comes with ASUS’s exclusive Xtor Manager utility, which makes it easy to back up, synchronize and manage all the files and folders on the server and any attached external storage devices.


One benefit that a central storage sever can provide is file redundancy, and the TS mini is no exception. With two hard drives installed, the TS mini's Share Folder Duplication function automatically duplicates shared folders across both drives, so that if one drive goes belly up, the data remains intact on the other drive.


The TS mini comes with 500GB of online ASUS Web Storage free for one year, allowing you to back up and synchronize data to a secure, off-site location. In the event of a fire, flood or theft of the server, you can still retrieve your data.


ASUS’s ASWM Management utility provides real-time system health monitoring. With it you can see at a glance the status of your TS mini, including its fans, operating temperature and disk status as well as monitor network, memory and CPU usage. If any errors do occur, the server can be configured to send an error report to a specified e-mail address.


The TS mini is powered by a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N280 processor with 1GB of memory. The compact unit measures 3.8 x 9.6 x 8 inches and weighs 5.9 pounds. For something so small in size and affordably priced, the TS mini certainly does deliver great peace of mind.