New Rugged LaCie Drives Feature USB 3.0


Portable hard drives are great because they allow you to walk around with a terabyte of data in your shirt pocket. But hard drives are delicate devices, they break easily when dropped and a terabyte of data is a terrible thing to lose. That’s why LaCie’s rugged portable hard drives are life—and data—savers.


 Built to take a licking, LaCie’s rugged hard drives feature impact-cushioned, rubber-clad housings to protect the shock-mounted hard drives inside. The rugged case is designed to resist damage from drops up to 2.2 meters. You can get these drives in various capacities and with various interfaces, depending on your needs.


LaCie’s most cutting-edge rugged hard drive features a USB 3.0 interface and 7200rpm rotation speed. It’s quite likely that you don’t even have a computer yet that has a USB 3.0 interface. Fortunately USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0, so you can buy the drive now, use it with whatever computer you have, and be able to take advantage of the super-fast USB 3.0 interface when you finally get a computer that has the same interface. If you want to add USB 3.0 to your current computer then you’ll have to install a USB 3.0 adapter card.


If you are fortunate enough to already own a computer with a USB 3.0 interface, then more power to you because you can immediately take advantage of sustained data transfer rates of up to 110MB/s. The drive is bus powered, so you don’t need an AC adapter, and it comes with the required USB cable. You also get a complete software bundle for easy formatting and backup. The rugged USB 3.0 portable hard drives are available in capacities of 500GB, 750GB and 1TB.


If you use FireWire more often than USB, you’re in luck because LaCie makes the same basic drive with a 5400rpm and a triple interface: FireWire-800, FireWire-400, and USB 2.0. Backup software for Mac and Windows is included. The triple interface drive is available with capacities of 320GB and 500GB.


Portable hard drives are generally not very secure; if you lose one, whoever finds it can access the data. That’s why LaCie makes a Safe version of its rugged hard drive. LaCie’s Rugged Safe Hard Drive features a biometric fingerprint reader that provides secure access for to up to 10 users with 128-bit AES hardware encryption for full data protection. Anyone whose fingerprint hasn’t been registered with the drive simply cannot get at the data stored on it. The Rugged Safe drive features FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 interfaces, they’re available in 500GB and 1TB capacities and you can purchase rugged sleeves in different colors, separately.

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na loja vende , eu comprei o meu lá

Excelente produto o safe 500 gb

While this is probably a good drive it is still a mechanical drive and won't tax even USB 2 as far as transfer speed.  The USB3 spec on your PC will not come into play until SSD's come down in price and up in capacity to be supportive in a photo backup scenario.  No mechanical drive yet built exceeds the transfer speed of USB2.

I would use this 1Tb HD to backup my photo flies - now close to 1 Tb in size. Even if it (this HD unit) runs hot - that is not an issue if you just want to store a Tb of data for safety (stored in another location) - it only has to run for up, or downloading... Also - this article mentions, if your computor is USB-2,  that you can get a USB-3 bus - but, it does not say if, or where those USB bus'es are available. I would first upgrade my computer - then buy the 1-Tb USB-3 drives. The fingerprint safety protocol is very cool! Just be sure someone you trust is also printed to the drive - just in case you die where and when your computer dies... - Brad

I purchased the 500 gig to add to my collection of portable LaCie drives which I have had great luck with!  Only concern is that it runs much hotter than the other LaCie drives, and it even stays hot when the computer is asleep.  The drive is clearly spinning down as it is supposed when asleep, but it stays hot even 15 hours later, which means it is using energy (an issue when connected to a laptop) and I wonder if the drive will fail prematurely as a result.  I called LaCie and they said it is normal. 

Great news!!