The Lorex Smart Home Security Center: Two 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Bullet Cameras


Surveillance systems run the gamut from complex and intricate NVR kits, with all the bells and whistles, to simple bundles that require little more than a hub with a camera or two and Wi-Fi connectivity. For me, the barometer for how well a simple surveillance system is designed is if I can get everything up and running in less than ten minutes, since a big part of simplicity is ease of use. In this category is the Lorex Smart Home Security Center with 2 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras, a compact home surveillance system that is expandable to control up to eight 1080p cameras and 32 wireless sensors.

Lorex Smart Home Security Center with 2 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Night Vision Bullet Cameras

Lorex Smart Home Security Center with 2 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Night Vision Bullet Cameras

Design and Features

The Home Security Center features a bright and responsive 7" touchscreen. It comes with a 64GB microSD card for storing video footage, with storage being expandable to a 256GB microSD card or a 1TB SSD drive.

Featuring a polycarbonate exterior, the camera is lightweight in design yet the build feels more than sturdy enough for both outdoor and indoor applications. However, for outdoor use, the IP65 rating suggests to install the camera in a sheltered area and there are additional considerations for outdoor installation. The cameras are equipped with motion-activated LED lights and a siren. Both the Home Security Center and cameras feature two-way talk, thanks to built-in microphones and speakers.


Neatly tucked into the box are three compartments, with each compartment housing the Home Security Center and the two bundled 1080p bullet cameras, along with peripheral accessories such as power adapters, USB cords, and mounting hardware.

Installation was a breeze. First, I downloaded the iOS version of the Lorex Home app on my iPhone. Then, I plugged in the Home Security Center and was met with a series of straight-ahead setup prompts, such as connecting to Wi-Fi (a wired connection is also an option) and selecting a secure password, culminating in setting up facial recognition for unlocking the system.

The next step was to connect the cameras to the Home Security Center. After placing one camera in the living room and another in the foyer facing the front door, all I needed to do was scan the QR codes of the cameras in the Lorex Home app and they automatically connected via Wi-Fi to the network and the Home Security Center. The entire setup process took less than ten minutes and I didn’t consult the quick start guide or manual. Success!


The first thing I wanted was a light. This feature would be beneficial for lighting the way when motion is detected outside your home. The triggered events and the siren for each camera can be easily customized in the app to suit your needs. It should be noted that video to test was the motion-activated LED warning lights. The minute I walked into the foyer and living room, the cameras were able to detect my presence and trigger the footage, which is saved automatically only when motion is triggered, or if you choose to start recording manually, so storage space isn’t wasted by recording nothing. Video quality for the camera at 1080p is solid and two-way talk is crisp, direct, and clear.

Apart from receiving notifications from the camera on your phone, you can see a direct feed from connected cameras and receive notifications directly to the Home Security Center, which can be heard via a clear audible signal. The Lorex Voice Assistant is a handy tool for pulling up camera feeds, but unless you’re close to the Home Security Center, you’re better off using the Lorex Home app. At least, I preferred to use the app.

Swiping through the Home Security Center’s touchscreen was a joy. It’s bright and responsive. You can also personalize it with screensavers and other customized options, which I didn’t bother to do, but it’s a convenient option to have.

Things to Note

During setup of the system via Wi-Fi, one of the first prompts from the Home Security Center was to confirm a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection. Unless you have a dual-band router, setup via Wi-Fi might present unnecessary obstacles for most consumers to whom a bundle like this would appeal. Of course, this can be avoided by using a wired connection, but that defeats the simplicity of using Wi-Fi. Requiring that the Home Center use a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection is an oversight.

Face recognition for unlocking the Home Security Center seems to be for only one face. This is not ideal for a family or a house with multiple residents. Sure, users can opt for passwords instead of face recognition to unlock the Home Security Center, but it’s perplexing as to why the system only recognizes one face.

The included cameras are IP65 rated and can withstand operating temperatures -22 0F–140 0F / -30 0C–60 0C , so they can be used safely outdoors in the elements. However, it may be helpful to run the wires for power access through a garage door or route the camera USB cords and adapters to an indoor outlet to avoid the power source being exposed to weather elements.

The Verdict

Overall, the Smart Home Security Center and the bundled 1080p Wi-Fi cameras offer a simple and generally easy-to-use surveillance solution for the average consumer. Setup is straightforward and intuitive. The image quality is sharp, two-way talk is crystal clear, and there are no monthly recurring fees. Since the system is scalable, you can add additional cameras and sensors for a truly cost-effective home surveillance system.

If you have any questions or comments about this Lorex surveillance kit, or surveillance products in general, please drop us a line in the Comments section, below.


is it ...possible to OFF the light if I want to record secretely ...

Hi Kyaw - 


Yes.  The Motion-Activated LED Lights & Siren may be switched on or off.

Hi Mark S... Can I buy those camera as customerized ?? like  NVR is 6TB or 3 TB and  camera is other design .and just one or two cameras ??? 

Hi Kyaw - 

The systems offered above may not be modified.