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 The Space Pilot Pro 3D Mouse from 3Dconnexion is a professional three-dimensional controller, with its own LCD screen, for your computer. You can pan and zoom or rotate images and change the scrolling speed, among other navigational adjustments, even while you use the LCD screen to check your Outlook e-mail, calendar or tasks. The color LCD is called the Workflow Assistant and it also launches RSS feeds.

The heart of the 3D mouse is the Controller Cap, a super scroll wheel. You use it to go left or right, up or down and forward or backward as well as to tilt, spin or roll images on the screen. If you're an engineer, CAD/CAM user, or photo or video creator, you'll feel liberated by the flexibility of 3D navigation under your hand.

The Space Pilot Pro 3D Mouse supports a wide variety of programs. Mechanical engineers will be able to use the mouse with Autodesk Inventor, Pro/Engineer, Catia, SolidWorks, NX and Solid Edge, among others.

Media creators can use Adobe Photoshop Extended without switching tools; Autodesk Maya to tumble, track and dolly in one single fluid motion without shuffling between the mouse and keyboard; Cinema 4D to work faster and smoother; Autodesk 3ds Max and Character Studio in which you can move the camera and tweak or apply effects at the same time; and Blender, among other software.

Architecture and construction users can take advantage of Autodesk AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Nemetschek VectorWorks or Allplan and Google SketchUp.

Power users of geo information software will be able to navigate this world or others with Google Earth or NASA WorldWind.

Gaming and virtual world users can get going with Multiwinia, Second Life and Balance. The latter is a PC/Mac puzzle labyrinth game in which you use the 3D mouse to tilt a playfield to guide balls to multiple targets.

According to 3Dconnexion, the benefits of working with a 3D mouse include increased productivity, enhanced comfort and a higher level of design performance with inspiration transcending perspiration. Once you start using the Space Pilot Pro 3D Mouse, you'll wonder how you ever managed to work with two-dimensional tools alone in a 3D computer world. 

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Really?  Paying $380 for something that you can already do with your regular computer and mouse but it saves you a few extra seconds?  Have we gotten to the point of having so much disposable income that we need such a device?  If I am going to spend $380 I can find better things to spend it on like a couple of bulbs for my profoto strobes or stocks.