Apple TV 4K with HDR Support is Coming


With rumors circulating, the new Apple TV 4K (which will be available in 32GB and 64GB models) was announced today via live stream, and its features seem to live up to the hype. Powered by the new A10X Fusion processor—the same as the iPad Pro—the Apple TV 4K is compatible with the HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR formats to deliver vibrant images and video to your HDR-compatible display. To support this new functionality, Apple revealed that more HDR content will be coming to iTunes, and iTunes users with HD titles currently in their library will have the content they already own upgraded to 4K HDR versions as they are made available. The Apple TV 4K will also feature 4K HDR content from non-Apple services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, in the near future.

The Apple TV 4K will automatically output to your display’s highest possible resolution so you can get the most out of your current display; on the flip side, if you have a 4K display and HD or Full HD content, the Apple TV 4K will digitally enhance the video for an enhanced viewing experience on your 4K display.

Siri is built into the Apple TV 4K, allowing you to find what you want to watch, using only your voice with the Siri remote, or with the TV app on your iOS device. This app supports over 60 services across Apple TV and iOS devices, and is designed to bring all your favorite movies and TV shows into one place. Later this year, functionality will be added to allow users in the US to track their favorite sports teams and get on-screen notifications whenever they’re playing, plus an overview of teams, leagues, and events currently ongoing via a dedicated Sports tab. You will also be able to ask Siri, “What is the score of the [insert sports team name here] game?” Later in September, the TV app will be available to users in Australia and Canada, as well as the US, and Apple projects that by the end of 2017, the app will be expanded to France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the UK.

As with previous iterations of the Apple TV, the 4K version will allow you to share content from your iPhone and iPad via iCloud or AirPlay; support for AirPlay 2 is also scheduled to launch later this year, offering control via the Apple TV 4K of several AirPlay 2-compatible speakers, as well as your home theater speakers. The Apple TV 4K will also act as a hub for all your HomeKit accessories, providing remote access and automated control, such as automatically turning on/off your lights.

Orders for the Apple TV 4K will be taken starting September 15, and they are scheduled to be made available September 22.

Do you have Apple TV at home? Are you planning to upgrade to Apple TV 4K? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below.


 There should be an upgrade price for the latest owners of the current Apple TV and/or a software update to get all the new capabilities 

It's impossible to do a software uprade to get 4k. The physical hardware is different for 4k. Not sure if there are other capabilities that the latest TV-OS will allow you to do on the newer model that you can't do on the older model