CES 2015: Apple HomeKit Connected Hub


As home automation continues to grow in popularity, and perhaps necessity, we're happy to see expanding manufacturer and developer support for Apple's HomeKit at this year's International CES. The HomeKit framework lies within iOS 8, and allows you to control compatible hardware and devices in your connected home, such as central controllers, light switches, power outlets, and more from your iOS device. Controlling multiple aspects of your home is sure to keep Siri busy. Not only can this system handle simple home automation tasks like remotely turning on a light when you're out of the house, but you can also create actions to control various connected devices.

Apple's HomeKit ecosystem is a welcome addition to the home automation family, and considering the number of iOS users there are out there, we're excited to see how this technology matures. We also expect to see more hardware makers embrace HomeKit in the near future. Be sure to check back with us, as we're hoping the HomeKit tidal wave will hit our shores sooner rather than later.

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Interested in new technology!!

Let me know when apple launches.

I'm most interested in Insteon related HomeKit devices as I have a large investment in Insteon.  tx.

Hi, we hope to have more information regarding the HomeKit framework, implementation, and compatible devices soon. In the meantime, please feel free to fill out the form to be notified when these products become available.

Can you provide more info about Homekit?


Send information on hardware for iOS.8