CES 2018: New from TP-Link—the HS210 Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch


TP-Link has just announced its latest smart light switch, the HS210 Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch 3-Way Kit, and it's chock-full of awesome features. Like TP-Link's popular HS200, the HS210 kit features built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling you to control the lighting in your home remotely from an iOS or Android device from anywhere with an Internet connection via TP-Link's Kasa app. Where the HS210 kit differs is that it enables you to replace traditional three-way light switches where two switches control the same light.

With the Kasa app, you'll be able to schedule your lights to go on or off whenever you like. The aptly titled Away-Mode allows you to turn your lights on when you're away to make it appear as if your home is occupied. In addition, you'll also be able to set timers and countdowns and, as a bonus, the HS210 kit is even capable of detecting sunrise and sunset. How cool is that?

The HS210 kit is designed to work with Alexa and Google Assistant, making controlling your lights with voice commands a seamless endeavor. Not to worry—if you prefer a more tactile operation, then the power, restart, and reset buttons on the switch allow for direct control. Two wall plates are included to match your home's conventional light switch.

We're thrilled to carry the HS210 Smart 3-Way Kit, and we think it makes a fine addition to TP-Link's product line. Do let us know in the Comments section how you plan on integrating the HS210 3-way kit into your home.


No Homekit support?  I'm not interested in Alexa or Google Assistant....

You can also download the Kasa app, you'll be able to schedule your lights to go on or off whenever you like.