CES 2018: Samsung's New Home Theater and Commercial Display Technology


Samsung's presence at CES 2018 spread across quite a few technological categories, all of which are fascinating, but home theater and commercial displays hold a special place in my heart, so that's where I intend to focus. Perhaps the manufacturer's biggest announcement, so to speak, is what it's referring to as The Wall, a modular 146" MicroLED TV. MicroLED technology uses self-emitting micrometer-sized LEDs (1 micrometer = 0.001 mm), essentially allowing each pixel to illuminate itself, so no backlight is required—much like OLED technology. The modular, bezel-less design of this TV will allow you to fit multiple TVs together in a video wall. This is a great feature for dedicated home theater rooms, but I foresee this function being used more prominently in commercial applications.

Another big announcement in home/commercial displays was the Samsung Flip. Specifically designed for office and classroom use, the Samsung Flip is a digital flip chart display that allows users to collaborate and annotate on documents on the screen either by using their finger or a dual-sided pen, and erase work with a swipe of their palm. The Flip even saves content in a database that can later be downloaded, emailed, or printed; notes can also be saved to a USB drive or other storage device.

Last, Samsung announced that it would be including Samsung Knox security into all its smart TVs, starting this year. Samsung Knox security is designed especially for smart TVs to enhance security by detecting and removing malicious applications that can steal personal data from other apps.

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