CES 2018: ViewSonic Announces the PX727-4K Projector for 4K & HDR Images


ViewSonic introduced its PX727-4K Projector at CES 2018 today, offering consumers a relatively affordable way of viewing Ultra HD 4K and HDR content. HDR video is displayed with high dynamic range, revealing extremely vivid colors, thanks to higher brightness levels and a wider color gamut than SDR (standard dynamic range) content and display devices. The PX727-4K Projector supports the popular HDR10 format. With HDR10 support, the PX727-4K Projector will allow you to watch your favorite HDR content from compatible Blu-ray media and players, and streaming services such as Netflix.

HDR and 4K capability are two reasons that make the PX727-4K Projector a great consumer-level choice for creating a cinematic experience at home. But there's also the fact that it takes up very little space and at the same time provides a very large display. On top of that is the projector's SuperEco mode, which allows you to dim projection brightness by up to 70% and greatly save on energy. The PX727-4K offers dual HDMI inputs so you can have two different digital sources connected, such as a set-top box and a game console. Check out more about the PX727-4K on the B&H Photo website.