CES 2019: Announcing New Sonos Speaker Accessories


At CES 2019, Sonos unveiled two sleek new placement solutions for your Sonos One or PLAY:1 speaker. The Sonos Stand, available in the same shade of black or white as your speaker, is available in pairs, holds your speaker about 33.1" off the floor, and features a cable management channel up its spine to keep your power cord out of sight, plus wraparound cable management in the base, so excess cable won't be coiled on the floor. Similarly, the Sonos Shelf, sold individually but also available in your speaker's black or white finish, has internal wraparound cable management, and mounts your speaker on one side (you can choose whether the speaker sits on the left or the right side) while leaving enough space to place your cell phone, keys, or other compact items.

Seemingly directly inspired by the Stand and Shelf, Sonos also unveiled two new lengths of power cables, one of which is for use with the One or the PLAY:1, and another which works with the PLAY:5, Beam, or Amp. The Long Power Cable for the PLAY:5, Beam, and Amp is 11.5' long and features the same color and finish as your black or white speaker; the Short Power Cable for these devices is 19.7" and also matches the shade of your black or white speaker.

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