CES 2019: LG Press Conference Recap


LG kicked off CES 2019 with a press conference to discuss current and forthcoming product lines and technologies. First, LG Senior Vice President of Marketing David VanderWall appeared on stage to talk mobile, specifically the LG V40 ThinkQ smartphone and the future of mobile communications—5G networking.

The V40 ThinkQ was announced late in 2018, and featured, among other highlights, an innovative 5-lens camera system. VanderWall didn't spend a lot of time on the V40, pivoting quickly from the present to 5G, the future of mobile.

VanderWall introduced Jim Tran, the vice president of product management at Qualcomm, to give us a peek at LG's plan for rolling out 5G networking in 2019, and how Qualcomm will play a critical role. The details weren't super specific, but they were clear: 5G will launch in earnest in 2019 and, per Tran, LG will be at the helm of the world's first 5G mobile platform. More than 20 worldwide operators are prepared to support LG's 5G rollout, as is Qualcomm, whose forthcoming Snapdragon 855 will play a pivotal role in LG's 5G applications.

VanderWall returned to talk LG's AI and home applications. A lot of brave new world tech hit the stage, including "lifestyle" tech such as a smart clothes steamer, a pod-based home-brew machine (yes!), and an intelligent robot vacuum—to name a few.

I'm not sure if LG saved its best for last, but it certainly knows how to close out an event; unveiling its new 8k OLED TVs, with sizes up to an eye-popping 88 inches. These new TVs bring back the pixel-dimming technology that has made LG OLED TVs awesome, but now incorporates its α9 gen 2 processor, complete with AI picture and sound, and its impressive Deep Learning content enhancement. Deep Learning analyzes sound and imagery for an optimized audio and video experience. This year's models are also smarter. LG's ThinQ expands beyond Google's super component digital assistant to now also include Amazon Alexa support. And because LG wants to invite everyone to the party, these new OLED TVs also include Apple AirPlay 2 support.

New LG nanocell LCD TVs with HDMI 2.1 connectivity were also unveiled; but the star of the show was the Signature OLED TV R, rollable display.

This premium OLED TV rises out its base, allowing it to be out of site when not in use. The base has a built-in Atmos 4.2-channel, 100 W Dolby-enabled soundbar to deliver a quality, impressive audio experience.

Are you as excited about LG's new tech as we are?