CES 2019: Samsung Press Conference Announcements


From mobile, to TVs, to AI, Samsung's far-reaching technological arm was on full display at this year's CES. A common theme this year is 5G, and Samsung wasted no time reassuring its following that its first 5G smartphone is on track for release in 2019. With Mobile World Congress right around the corner, springtime will likely be full of smartphone announcements, and I suspect Samsung to lead the charge with 5G in tow.

Samsung's Bixby AI is also evolving. The more information Bixby has about your content likes and dislikes, the more it can enhance your entertainment experience. Samsung knows this involves a certain level of trust and responsibility. With a pledge of "Fairness, accountability, and transparency," Samsung wants you to know that it can be trusted with the data it receives from your TVs, appliances, and mobile devices.

Mobile and AI are great, but the global leader in TVs, for 13 years and counting, isn't resting on its successes, showcasing a new massive Micro LED, 8K modular TV design. Additionally, Samsung's new QLED 8K TV offers a whopping 98-inch screen size, HDMI connectivity, and video upscaling via its powerful Quantum processing engine.

TVs weren't the only Samsung home-entertainment devices making headlines. The new Galaxy Home speaker has Bixby built in and can act as a SmartThings hub, automatically syncing with and enabling voice control of your other compatible smart home devices. Powered by audio by AKG, the Galaxy Home is designed to project the sound directly toward you for an enhanced effect of immersion.

New computer hardware is also on the way, starting with Notebook 9 Pro. With its stylish yellow S-Pen and 8th Gen Intel© processor, Samsung is proving the work doesn't have to be dull. Speaking of fun, its new Notebook Odyssey gaming laptop, powered by NVIDIA RTX 20-series graphics, is sure to turn heads.

Samsung also unveiled its new Space Monitor, available in 27" QHD or 32" 4K models. With its minimalist arm that clamps to your desk, this monitor features a space-saving design that stores flat against your wall and has built-in cable management to keep those cords hidden.

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