Cut the Cords with Three New Bose Wireless Systems


Bose unveiled a number of new home theater products last week, and the company has the Internet buzzing like a piezo. Two of these are home theater in a box (HTiB) systems and the other is modular, consisting of a soundbar, wireless rear speakers, and the (you guessed it!) Acoustimass module, all of which are sold separately, allowing you to customize your audio experience.

SoundTouch 300 Soundbar System

The modular system starts off with the SoundTouch 300 soundbar. It features ADAPTiQ calibration technology to customize the sound for your specific listening area, be it a living room, loft, bedroom, or wherever else you’d like to place it. Bluetooth with NFC is built in so you can connect wirelessly to your preferred smart device. Wi-Fi is also built in so you can play files stored on your computer or NAS device. Additionally, this soundbar has an HDMI and an optical input, plus its HDMI output is ARC compatible to enable one-cable connection to your display.

If you would like to add surround sound to your SoundTouch Soundbar, Bose offers the compact Virtually Invisible 300 speakers. These speakers include wireless receivers, which will connect between the power cord and the speaker. If you’re also after deep bass, the optional Acoustimass 300 module features a 10" woofer with QuietPort technology, which is designed to minimize distortion. It features a 12" square footprint and, at only 15" tall, it makes for a pretty discreet bass module. While the speakers and Acoustimass module can be purchased separately from each other, neither will work without the soundbar, which outputs a proprietary wireless signal to the wireless receivers included with the speakers and built into the Acoustimass module.

Lifestyle 600 and 650 HTiB Systems

The two new Bose HTiB packages are the Lifestyle 600 and Lifestyle 650 systems. They’re very similar, yet very different. They both include a main console with six 4K-compatible HDMI inputs, one of which is on the front. This console also has two optical, two digital coaxial, and two stereo RCA inputs. Its HDMI output is ARC-compatible and an 1/8" headphone jack is on the front for private listening or for connecting the included ADAPTiQ headset. The included wireless Acoustimass module has the same dimensions and design of the aforementioned Acoustimass 300, and these systems also include wireless modules for communicating with the rear speakers.

The Lifestyle 600, available in both black or white, includes Jewel Cube speakers. The front and rear speakers are only 2.6" to a side and 6.2" tall to provide a minimal footprint. The Jewel Cube center speaker is 6.1" wide and 2.7" high, also offering a compact design.

The Lifestyle 650, also available in both black or white, includes OmniJewel speakers with an OmniJewel center speaker. This isn’t just a fancy new name; the front and rear speakers feature a two-driver face-to-face vertical design to provide 360° sound around each speaker, for more spacious sound. The system also includes matched bases for the front and rear speakers. Each OmniJewel speaker is only 1.84" to a side, giving it an even smaller footprint than the Jewel Cubes. The OnmiJewel center speaker is 21.34" wide, to more closely match the width of your display, and features five drivers.

While both the new SoundTouch and Lifestyle systems include remote controls, Bose also offers enhanced control with its free SoundTouch app. This app allows you to use your compatible smart devices to easily select streaming content. With all these features, Bose seems to have something for everyone who’s looking for a wireless home theater option. Whether that solution comes from Bose or elsewhere, let the experts at B&H help you make the right choice for you either in the store, by phone at 800-606-6969, via chat, or email.