Get the Bose TV Speaker for Better TV Sound


Now available at B&H: The Bose® TV Speaker. The latest soundbar from legendary speaker-maker Bose® champions a simple, straightforward design that’s easy to set up and use. And, because it’s from Bose®, the TV Speaker delivers the kind of exceptional performance you would expect, with a focus on enhancing the overall quality of your TV audio. In other words, it makes things sound better.

Bose TV Speaker Soundbar
Bose® TV Speaker Soundbar

But how?

To improve the quality of your TV audio, the TV Speaker focuses on two key factors: vocals and bass. Using a specialized central tweeter, Dialogue mode elevates the clarity of speech, allowing you to hear every syllable of every word much more clearly. Think of it as an enunciation boost.

As far as bass goes: Simply connecting the TV Speaker to your TV will improve the overall quality of its bass, but if you want some extra kick, you can press the conspicuously labeled “Bass” button for some added depth. If that’s not enough, the TV Speaker also supports additional Bose® bass modules, so you can expand your bass bombardment even further.

While both Dialogue mode and the bass-boosting features are great, they’re also optional. The optimization they provide aren’t prerequisites for exceptional performance. With or without those features, the TV Speaker is going to give you great overall sound performance. The added features just turn things up to eleven. 

Along with sound enhancement, Bose® also markets the TV Speaker as easy to use. With a single connection cable and one-step setup, it’s hard to argue otherwise. What isn’t marketed heavily is the fact the TV Speaker is also Bluetooth enabled and supports music streaming from compatible devices—not necessarily a feature you demand in your soundbar, but one that makes the TV Speaker all the more appealing.

If you don’t own a soundbar, and you’re looking to improve the sound quality of your TV or home entertainment system, the Bose® TV Speaker is a great place to start.

You can order it now at B&H.