Home Automated: INSTEON Starter Kit with Hub and 2 On/Off Modules


Create a simple and easy-to-use home automation system with this INSTEON Starter Kit. The two included On/Off Modules allow you to turn any standard lamp, heater, fan, or other home appliance into a home automation device. Simply plug the item into the On/Off Module and plug the module into a power outlet. This setup allows you to control the plugged-in device using other INSTEON products such as a wall switch, keypad, or sensor, and the included Hub provides Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can also manage the device from a smartphone or tablet.

When you pair the On/Off Module with a sensor, you are able to set the module to turn on or turn off, based on activity detected by the sensor. For example, you can program the module to turn your light off when the sensor detects that you have left the room. Furthermore, the mobile app allows you to create scenes, so you can simultaneously control multiple modules. This enables you to set the mood by turning off the lights while turning on music or an electric fireplace, all with a single tap. The mobile app also offers scheduling so that your devices will automatically turn on or off at a preset time or date. This feature is both convenient and energy efficient, because you can program all of your devices to turn off when you leave the house or go to sleep and turn back on when you are arriving home or waking up in the morning.

For further convenience, the included Hub is compatible with additional devices, such as the Apple Watch and the Amazon Echo. Using the INSTEON mobile app on the Apple Watch allows you to turn your devices on or off and activate scenes, all from an easily accessible wrist watch. In addition, if you own the Amazon Echo, you are able to manage your whole home automation system with just voice commands. These INSTEON products are simple and intuitive so that even home automation beginners will feel comfortable using this system.