Honeywell/Sperian Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Lyric Thermostat


Turn your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet into a remote thermostat controller with Honeywell's Lyric, a Wi-Fi-enabled, smart thermostat. Featuring a classic and attractive round design with a 3" glass LCD screen and a sleek chrome ring dial, the Lyric makes an attractive, energy-saving addition to your home. View the temperature, local weather forecast, and the temperature the thermostat is set to reach, directly on the Lyric's intuitive display, and enjoy the cooling blue and heating amber backlighting cast on the wall where you installed your thermostat. 

The Lyric comes with a plethora of smart home automation features, one of which is Geofencing that will sense when you are arriving home or leaving for work and will automatically begin to adjust heating or cooling to meet your preset temperature preferences. Furthermore, the Geofencing feature can be set to 500' or 7 miles. Once you cross the Geofence's boundary, the Lyric will begin heating or cooling to your preset Home mode settings. Also, to help conserve energy, the Lyric will automatically switch to Away mode anytime you leave home with your smartphone. Unlike other comparable Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats, the Lyric does not require a C-wire to operate and is powered by a single lithium AAA battery that provides up to a year's battery life.