iSmartAlarm: Internet Alerts Keep Your Home Safe


Monitor various aspects of your home wirelessly with these new security systems from iSmartAlarm, which are designed to connect to your high-speed Internet network. The free iSmartAlarm app for Android and iOS allows you set up and control your system from a smartphone or tablet. If an event occurs in your secured environment, you can receive a phone call, SMS message, email, or push notification directly on your portable device.

Once it's set up, the iSmartAlarm uses RF technology to communicate with your system's components. With sensors available for detecting motion and door or window openings, it's easy to find a security solution that's right for you. Additionally, a remote tag is available, which gives you convenient access to your connected devices and can be used to trigger the system's built-in 110 db siren. iSmartAlarm also offers pre-packaged bundles, which contain all the necessary components to get your security system up and running. Once the system is installed, that are no monthly or contract costs required for operation.