Listen and Talk with ListenTALK Systems from Listen Technologies!


If you’re crewing up for a location shoot, or find yourself in some other situation where 2-way communication amongst multiple people is a must, then Listen Technologies has some handy solutions for you. Take note, for instance, of their LKS-2 Base 8 System; this kit bundles together a single-eared headset for the team leader, eight transceivers with ear speakers (useful for team members and coordinators alike), and a sturdy case that houses/charges up to 16 transceivers at a time, all while stowing away up to 16 headsets as well. This system is expandable, as is its junior sibling, the LKS-1 Base 4 System.

At the name would suggest, the LKS-1 Base 4 provides four of the aforementioned transceivers, though you still get the one single-eared headset for the team leader. In lieu of a docking station or carry case, you’re given a 4-port USB wall charger and a set of USB to micro-USB cables for charging the transceivers. This package is more suitable for run-and-gun shoots and smaller crews, though, as mentioned before, it’s expandable, should your needs increase over time.

Listen Technologies LKS-1 Base 4 System with 4 Transceivers, 1 Headset and 4-Port USB Charger

Individual pieces complementing/situated within these Base systems are also available. The LK-1 ListenTALK Transceiver, for instance, can be purchased as needed. It utilizes push-to-talk communication, ensuring that communication and coordination in the field is a seamless, easy process. Listen Technology’s encryption technology is on hand to ensure security in your communications. A lanyard is included with the transceiver, greatly aiding hands-free convenience. Powered by a provided rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the LK-1 gives you simple controls over volume, clear indicators on power/status, and a universal ear speaker for hearing what people say to you over the line. It’s also compatible with any headset that utilizes a TRRS connection.

Listen Technologies LK-1 ListenTALK Transceiver with Lanyard, Ear Speaker, and Battery

If you want to keep your headsets in-house, Listen Technologies gives you options. The LA-451 is a single-eared speaker with an electret-condenser boom microphone, a flexible gooseneck, and an omnidirectional polar pattern. For an on-the-ear, single-eared option, check out the LA-452. Want sound coming into both ears? The LA-453 is a good bet, providing a unidirectional polar pattern and noise-reduction tech for a clearer sound. If you crave something that cradles both ears, the LA-454, with its 14 dB of passive noise reduction, might be the choice that best suits your over-ear needs. Cases and docking stations are also available a la carte, such as LA-480, which can charge 16 transceivers at a time, and the LA-481, which provides a 16-slot, secure charging station nestled inside a rugged case.

Listen Technologies LA-454 Dual Over-Ear Headset with Noise-Cancelling Boom Mic

If any of this piques your fancy, head over to the B&H SuperStore or peek at our website to check these systems out for yourself.