Mars Levitating Speaker Rises Above Competition


Taking Hi-Fi to all new levels, the Mars Speaker from crazybaby promises 360 degrees of loss-free sound and an incredible levitating design. This innovative speaker system features two distinct components, the aptly-named Base and Craft units. The Base component is responsible for the low frequencies. It houses a 3.75" subwoofer capable of powerful bass production. Hovering above the Base, the Craft unit handles the mids and highs, thanks to its ultrathin 1.75" full-range tweeter. And, because it’s literally floating in the air, the Craft won’t lose sound from materials touching it, meaning you’ll get near loss-free acoustics.

To achieve flight, the Mars speaker utilizes specialized magnetic technology to keep the Craft afloat. The top of the Base serves as both the launching pad and wireless charging station. When the speaker is turned on, the Craft automatically takes off, and when its power is low, the auto-landing feature guides the Craft back down to the landing pad for a recharge.

Out-of-this-world design aside, the Mars packs plenty of features that make it a high-caliber portable speaker. It utilizes Bluetooth technology for streaming music from compatible devices and you can even take the Craft unit with you and use it as a stand-alone player. There’s a built-in speakerphone for taking hands-free calls and it comes equipped with two USB ports for charging other mobile devices. The crazybaby app allows you to customize settings like sound and levitation. Finally, the Mars has an IPX7 water-resistance rating, meaning it’s great for outdoor use.

The high-flying Mars is available now at B&H.