New Samsung 4K UHD TVs: Something for Everyone


Samsung takes center stage once again with its newest line of 4K UHD Smart TVs! There are curved and flat models available, and there are enough of them that there’s something for everyone. They feature built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with full web browsers and access to the Samsung Smart Hub and apps. The KU6300-Series is flat and features MotionRate 120 technology for digital reduction of the blur associated with fast-moving objects. This line has HDR Premium to display High Dynamic Range content from UHD Blu-ray players and UHD streaming content. This series is available in 40, 43, 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70" sizes, offering a model for nearly anyone’s budget and size preference.

If you’re looking for a curved Samsung UHD TV, there are even more options available. The KU6500-Series offers the same features as its flat cousin, the aforementioned KU6300-Series, and is available in 55 and 65" sizes. The KU7500-Series is its big brother and adds Smart Home Hub support, which will allow it to be the control center of your smart home when you add the optional SmartThings Hub. This will allow you to control connected lights, locks, sensors, thermostats, and more with your Wi-Fi connection and the SmartThings app. This series is available in 43, 49, 55, and 65" sizes.

Want more? Check out the KS9800-Series, which is available in 65 and 78" sizes, upgrades you from MotionRate 120 technology to Supreme MR 240, digitally doubling the clarity of on-screen fast motion. Supreme UHD Dimming adds multi-zone color, contrast, and image detail processing to your signal before it’s displayed on the screen to further enhance video quality. So, regardless of what you’re watching, B&H has the right TV for you.



You have to hook up a DVD Player or some other source to get the HDR correct u r not going to get it watching local News or a program on regular TV?


Hi Adam -

HDR will only be active when the TV is fed an HDR encoded signal to display.  HDR is new and not avilable on broadcast TV as yet.  DVD content does not offer HDR. Many streaming dveices and services will soon offer HDR.   There may be just one Samsung 4K Blu-Ray player that is HDR capable at this point.  But be patient HDR will be coming to devices and a broadcasts very soon.