Relive those Vinyl Days of Yesteryear with the AT-LP60 Turntable


Enjoy all your favorite vinyl records with the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Belt-Drive Turntable. There are three versions available, which all feature 33-1/3 and 45 rpm speeds and a fully automatic design for easy setup and operation. The platter starts rotating when the tone arm is lifted, and stops when it’s placed back on its mount. The basic version, which is available in black or silver, will connect to nearly any system with its phono and line-level outputs.

For the tech-savvy vinyl aficionado, the Bluetooth version of the AT-LP60 will transmit to your favorite Bluetooth-capable speakers or headphones wirelessly instead of using a wired connection, and the wired options are also onboard. The Bluetooth connection is particularly useful to those who want to be free to move around the house (within roughly 30' of the turntable) while listening to their favorite records. The Bluetooth versions are available in white, navy, or black

The third version features USB connectivity, as well as the standard phono and line-level outputs, and is available in silver or black. The USB connection will allow you to connect it to your computer to convert the record into a digital format for storage or transferring to another device. The USB-equipped models include Audacity software, which is relatively easy to use and includes a number of editing options, including the ability to merge digital tracks, giving you the option of converting a record into multiple MP3 files or one long audio track featuring the entire record, beginning to end.