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Samsung Makes your Home Smarter and Safer with SmartThings Products


Samsung is here to make setting up and monitoring your home easier by introducing SmartThings, a full line of home-automation products. If you want control over some aspects of your home but don’t know exactly what you’re looking for or what you need, take a closer look at what Samsung has to offer.

Samsung’s SmartThings Motion Sensor helps you keep an eye on the comings and goings in your home while you’re away. If unexpected motion is detected during the day or night, an immediate alert is sent to your smartphone or tablet via the free SmartThings app. Also available is the Multipurpose Sensor, which can be easily attached to doors and windows to keep track of who is coming in and going out of your home. You can even place the sensor on a drawer or cabinet to help protect sensitive materials and documents.

Another device to help manage your home is the Water Leak Sensor, which will send instant notifications through the app if excess water is detected—perfect for under-sink applications or in the basement by the sump pump. If you’re looking for something to let you know when your child or pet leaves or enters the house, or a small device to locate your keys, look no further than the Arrival Sensor. This sensor can be placed in a backpack, attached to a keychain, or placed on a pet collar to keep track of your child, keys, or furry friend, respectively. It even has a built-in audible beep that can activated from the app to help you find your keys or other asset.

The SmartThings Outlet allows you to control the device plugged into it remotely; turn your coffee maker, fan, or lamp on or off right from your mobile device without breaking a sweat and while sitting in bed. The outlet also extends the range of your ZigBee network so that you can connect devices that are farther away from the hub. Hub? That’s right, you need a hub. But don’t fret, for Samsung has a solution for that: the aptly named SmartThings Hub. It allows full control of all the aforementioned devices through the SmartThings app. For instance, you can customize trigger events such that if the motion sensor picks up motion, the lights and the heating or cooling system will turn on. The hub also helps integrate other ZigBee, Z-Wave, and IP devices with the rest of your network.

For a complete system consider the Home Monitoring Kit. It comes with a motion sensor, two multipurpose sensors, an outlet, and a hub to tie everything together. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the products mentioned above, please call 800.606.6969, since these items are not available for purchase online.

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