Unveiled: tado Smart AC Control


Showcased at CE week 2015, and on an exclusive run at B&H, the tado Smart AC Control allows you to integrate your existing air conditioner into your mobile world. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection at home, and your current air conditioner has an IR remote interface, you can easily control and monitor temperature levels from your Android, iOS, or Windows smart devices using tado's free mobile app, even from remote locations. Having this kind of convenient control enables you to pre-cool your home before you arrive or conserve energy when you're away. The tado Smart AC Control also features Geolocation support, which can automatically power the air conditioner on or off based on your location and proximity. Do you prefer to have different cooling settings depending on the time of day? This system has you covered there, as well, allowing you to create custom cooling schedules that adapt to your busy lifestyle.

In addition to using the intuitive mobile app, the Smart AC control has touch controls on its top panel that enable you to adjust temperature levels, fan speed, and more, easily. While the Smart AC control is equipped with IR communication, requiring a clear line of sight with your air conditioner, it features a compact footprint at 3.9 inches wide, for easy placement. It can even be wall mounted using the included adhesive strips. The tado Smart AC Control will be available soon and appears to be well equipped to upgrade your air conditioner's functionality. We're always excited to see new tech that allows our current electronics to take a quantum leap.