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Upgrade your Home Theater with New Products from Kanto Living


Some of the most important improvements you can make to your television and home theater setup are in the field of audio and mounting, ditching the small, tinny cones built into most flat-panel displays in favor of high-quality stereo or surround speakers and wall-mounting your TV for a streamlined look. This is easier than ever, thanks to brand new audio and mounting gear from Kanto Living, a Canadian home theater brand focused on combining clean, modernist aesthetics with functionality and quality.

Kanto’s YU line of speakers, now available with 3", 4", or 5.25" Kevlar woofers, deliver enough power to fill your office, living room, or den with sound. Available in a variety of rich colors, in glossy or matte finishes, these speaker pairs are self-powered and can connect directly to mobile devices via Bluetooth and 3.5mm AUX or to receivers via a pair of TOSLINK optical connections. The 1" Silk dome tweeters deliver crisp, clean highs and a rear bass port enhances the low end. For even more convenience, a remote control is included.

If you want even more bass performance, the sub6 and sub8 can hit tones down to 35 Hz and emit up to 80 or 120 W of power through their 6" and 8" (respective) paper cone woofers. Their gently rounded curves and luxurious matte and glossy finishes make them audio gear you’ll be proud to display. RCA stereo line-in allows you to connect your sub6 or sub8 to nearly any source. To connect your subwoofer to a pair of Kanto Living YU speakers, use the YARO2 2.1-channel amplifier.

Finally, you can position your television or computer monitor easily with a Kanto Living mount, available in a variety of sizes for a variety of applications. Fixed and tilting wall mounts for TVs in the bedroom and living room, articulating mounts for one or two computer monitors, and full-motion wall mounts give you a wide range of options for reducing visual clutter and easy adjustability.