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Using the iPad 2 As a Game Controller


The demo is eye-popping. Hold an iPad 2 in front of an Apple TV, download Real Racing 2 HD and suddenly the tablet becomes a telemetric steering wheel. 

Instead of the game view being seen on the tablet, it’s displayed in 1080p on your big-screen HDTV even as the engines reverberate out of your home theater’s subwoofer. You can hold the tablet in front of you—no wires attached—tilting left or right to steer. An outline of the track occupies the smaller screen, but your gaze will be fixed on the big windshield once referred to as your TV.

Wireless game play is enabled by AirPlay, a technology built into the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, which lets you stream media from your handheld device to an Apple TV, among other devices. It works automatically through your Wi-Fi network without a special setup. However, to run Real Racing 2 HD in the manner described above, your iPad 2will need iOS 5. Since the updated operating system isn’t expected until this fall, gamers won’t be starting their engines just yet.

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