Better Than a Necktie: The Top 5 Wearable Gifts for Dad


Father’s Day is nearly upon us and this year, instead of a new tie or pair of socks, how about getting dad something that’s both wearable and a bit more modern? Look, don’t get us wrong: The classics are classic for a reason, but sometimes it’s nice to break from tradition (looking at you, World’s Greatest Dad trucker hat). With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of alternatives to the tried—or was it tired?—and true Father's Day gifts. Back away from the sock bin, kids. This is what Dad really wants.

Neckband Headphones

Sure, that Foulard tie is nice, but your father is a grown man. If he needs a tie, he’ll buy himself a tie. Instead, why not gussy up his gullet with the latest in wearable Bluetooth technology? We’re talking about a new pair of Neckband Headphones. These innovative devices provide dad with an easy, wireless solution for listening to his favorite songs or sports-talk radio. One of our personal faves, LG, offers a number of stylish options, including its TONE INFINIM series, which features Harmon Kardon signature sound that can deliver a truly immersive audio experience. Lightweight design, intuitive controls, and retractable ear buds all make the TONE INFINIM a gift dads are sure to enjoy—much more than that novelty necktie, anyway.

LG TONE INFINIM Wireless Stereo Headset


The wristwatch is a popular go-to gift for Father’s Day gifts. It’s fashionable, it’s functional, it’s timeless—so to speak. This year, though, why not revamp the venerated timepiece with something a little more modern, say, like a brand-new smartwatch? B&H has plenty of options, including our personal favorite, the Apple Watch. brains of a smartphone in a body worthy of Bulgari, the Apple Watch lets dad customize and control the world around him. He can manage his calendar, monitor his health, remind you about the time you crashed your grandfather’s Pontiac—all from the convenience of his wrist. Plus, it looks fantastic. With countless band and material options, Apple Watch is the stylish, do-everything gift that will make dad the envy of everyone on his over-40 softball team.

Apple Watch Smartwatch

Smartphone Folio

When it comes to gifts, nothing says “Dad” quite like a wallet: It’s straightforward, utilitarian, and refuses to hug you in public. But this year, if you really want impress pop with a new billfold, might we suggest a folio case for his smartphone? More than just a wallet, a Smartphone Folio is an organizer, phone protector, and a friend. It holds cash and cards, all while keeping dad's smartphone safe. If dad is an Apple man, take a look at Moshi’s line of stylish cases, which are equal parts protector and posh portmanteau. Other great options are available, including alternative wallet designs for Samsung Galaxy phones. Check out the full listing of B&H smartphone folios and other cases to find the one that’s right for your pop.

Moshi Overture Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus

Sport Accessories

Shopping around dad’s hobbies is always a safe bet. Golf gloves, tennis wristbands, knee braces—these are all part of dad’s activity ensemble. To supplement these accessories, we suggest adding in a PIQ Multisport Sensor. This clever little device measures dad’s movements when he's out sporting and provides feedback to help improve his mechanics and performance. You already got him a golf visor, why not give something that will help bolster his backswing or soften that slice? Trust us, even if he doesn’t say so, he'll thank you for it.

PIQ Multisport Sensor

VR Headset

Look, no shade here: A nice pair of sunglasses is a great gift for dad. Nothing says “cool old guy” like a fresh pair of wayfarers or some Steve-McQueen-esque Persols. But if you're looking for some truly cutting-edge eyewear, consider getting dad a Virtual Reality headset. With a wearable VR Headset, dads can use their smartphones to enter brand-new worlds of immersive action. Countless games, movies, and other great VR/360-degree content are available for dads to enjoy. If he’s a Samsung man, we suggest the Gear VR 2017 Edition, which comes with a controller to truly take hold of all the virtual action. Plenty of other great options are available, as well, most of which will accommodate any type of smartphone. Pick one that's best for your dad and watch him ride his recliner into brand-new worlds and adventures.

Samsung Gear VR 2017 Edition Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset with Controller

So, there you have it: five wearable gifts that let dad know you care about him and his sense of style. No matter which you choose, dad is sure to love it—even if he's unable to say so or express his gratitude beyond a single, stoic nod. It's fine, you know what he means.