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Splish-Splash, I Was Makin' A Call: Waterproof Cases for Mobile Phones


If you get separation anxiety when leaving your smartphone for more than a few minutes, but your fear of damaging its precious electronics compels you to keep it far away from water, we’re here to tell you that there is another way. Your device can stay safely in your hands, even when you venture into the pool or the ocean, thanks to waterproof housings and cases, available from your friends at B&H. In celebration of Mobile Photography Week, here are some great options for making your phone an amphibious asset.

Waterproof bags are crafted from strong yet flexible plastic, allowing you to operate your smartphone’s buttons and touchscreen right through the material. Certain models also let you talk and listen through the plastic; these include DiCAPac's WP-C1 Case for phones with screens up to 5.1", such as the Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia series, and the brand’s WPI10 Case for phones with 4.7" screens, such as the iPhone 6s. Another pouch that affords the ability to make and receive calls is the OverBoard Waterproof Phone/GPS Case, which is compatible with many iPhone, Galaxy, and HTC models and features OB’s signature, easy-to-use Slide Seal System.

OverBoard Waterproof Phone/GPS Case

Since they’re clear, these bags give you additional peace of mind because you can keep an eye on the watertight seal and maintain full visibility of your electronic companion the whole time. DiCAPac's Waterproof Floating Action Case accommodates phones with screens up to 4.7, 5.1, or 5.7" in size, and, like the C1 and WPI10, is submersible to a depth of 33 feet for up to 30 minutes. It features high-strength corners made to resist wear and tear while providing a little added protection against bumps and drops. The durable Action Clip, with stainless steel springs, enables easy attachment to clothing, straps, and belts for hands-free operation and transport, and the neck strap offers an alternate carrying method. Additionally, a rear airbag allows the case to float to the water’s surface.

DiCAPac Waterproof Floating Action Case for Smartphones up to 4.7"

Xuma's Waterproof Pouch for the iPhone 5, 5s, and SE has a double Ziplock-type seal and a depth rating of 6.5 feet. Benefit from easy access to all your phone’s functions and features, including the camera, right through the flexible plastic. Using the supplied lanyard, you can carry the pouch comfortably around your neck.

Waterproof hard cases are more robust enclosures that usually feature their own physical buttons for operating your phone’s controls; however, in some cases, they will allow for touchscreen functionality. Their rigid bodies are generally form-fitting, or at least designed in the same shape as your device.

The polycarbonate Watershot PRO Underwater Housing for iPhone 6/6s has a stellar depth rating of 195 feet. It provides access to virtually all the smartphone’s camera functions via mechanical push-button controls and the free Watershot App, available on Apple’s App Store and iTunes. In addition to using the shutter, rapid-fire mode, and video recording controls, you can review images and post them on social media websites. As a bonus, you’ll be able to take advantage of GPS overlays so you can get your bearings and figure out how to get to all the places you want to explore. The housing’s flat glass lens port enables great close-up shots of beautiful coral and blue hippo tang fish, and can be replaced by the optional wide-angle port to allow for expansive coverage of reefs, shipwrecks, and humpback whales.

Watershot PRO Underwater Housing for iPhone 6/6s

For your iPhone 7, AquaTech offers the AxisGO Water Housing, which is intended for shallow water and surface use and has a 33' depth rating. Enjoy full touchscreen access through the hard-coated polycarbonate, and share your captured images instantly via your favorite apps. Additionally, you can make and receive calls and adjust volume. The housing features an ergonomic handgrip that facilitates a secure, comfortable hold and doubles as a single-button locking mechanism. It can also be mounted onto an optional pistol grip for blur-free, one-handed shots. Like the Watershot, the AxisGO ships with a standard flat port and accepts an optional wide-angle port. It’s also compatible with an over/under dome, which is specially designed for shots where half of the frame is above the water's surface and the other half is below it.

AquaTech AxisGO Water Housing for iPhone 7

If you’re a smartphone addict, I hope that reading about B&H’s options for waterproofing your device has assuaged your nervousness. Even if you’re totally okay with leaving your phone and disconnecting for a while, it may be your go-to camera for capturing memorable sights and moments. It’s nice to know you can keep it with you while relaxing on the beach, paddling in your kayak, riding the waves on your surfboard, and even exploring sea life and environments beneath the surface—without having to worry.

What is your favorite waterproof smartphone case? Tell us in the Comments section, below.

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Watershot is the original proper water housing for the iPhone fact.  Others are imitating and followers...fact.  For the iPhone 7 and 8 plus with dual lenses the Watershot actually takes advantage and has dual lens ports which is beyond cool!  Don't waste time with othres and buy a Watershot...I feel like my iPhone in the water in the Watershot housing literally than when I am on dry land out of the housing.  Aloha