Best of Toy Fair 2018: 3Doodler


Much to our chagrin, Toy Fair 2018 is a wrap. The weeklong thrill ride of glee-inducing gadgetry and age-specific innovations has ended. But just because playtime is over, that doesn't mean we can't relive some of the fun we had and reflect on all the awesome toys we saw along the way. At the top of our list was 3Doodler, whose showcase was one of the most innovative and inspiring exhibitions we saw at this year’s expo.

Draw objects into reality with the 3Doodler Pen Set

For those of you who don’t know, 3Doodler is a kid- and creator-friendly manufacturer that specializes in 3D printing—although not in the traditional sense. Instead of a more conventional 3D printer, 3Doodler’s platform utilizes a special 3D printing pen that literally lets you draw things into reality.

More like “draw”gada Familia, amirite?

How does it work? Using the 3D pen and specialized bioplastic as “ink,” you draw (or, maybe more accurately, “print”) the components of the object you want to create. So, if you’re making a building or landmark, you first draw all the pieces (walls, ceilings, joints, etc.), then you put them together. When you’re finished, you’ll have a 3D model of your creation you can show off to family and friends.

Just wearing some 3D-printed sunglasses, NBD.

3Doodler offers a wide range of sets for all ages and skill levels. For those starting out, there’s the Essentials Pen Set, which comes with everything you need, including pen, plenty of bioplastic, and a project book. Plenty of other kits with different themes are available, such as the Architecture Set, the Robotics Set, and many, many more. And while it is billed as a “toy” for younger audiences, we’ll be completely honest and say that it’s fun for creatives of all ages.

Various 3Doodler products and set sets are available now at B&H Photo. Be sure to reply with pics of your own creations, below!