Shielding Your iPhone 4


Touch screens are great until they get touched by greasy fingers or inadvertently scratched by jewelry or a sharp object. If you've invested in an iPhone 4, the price of adding a layer of protection is almost negligible compared to the repair or replacement costs. One of the most popular protectors is the Zagg Invisible Shield

, available in three different configurations for the Apple iPhone 4.

All of the Invisible Shield protectors are made of military-grade urethane plastic with a unique self-healing property based on Nano-Memory technology. The shield can stretch, yet return to its original size. The 0.2mm thick transparent shield helps reduce the appearance of fingerprint smudges and smears. Zagg includes a free lifetime replacement warranty for the life of your device.

How much of the iPhone 4 you want to wrap is up to you. To totally envelope the device with form-fitting protection, you'll want the Zagg Full Body Maximum Coverage Invisible Shield. The accessory protects the back, sides and screen of the iPhone 4 and still allows the device to function properly. An additional benefit is that it improves your grip on the phone.

For medium coverage, you'll want the Zagg Full Body Easy Install Invisible Shield, which protects the main parts of the device—including the screen—and it improves the user grip, too. It's Zagg's most popular option.

For just screen or front coverage, you'll want the Zagg Screen Coverage Invisible Shield product. Place it over the screen and the most vulnerable part of your iPhone will be protected. To see all three, click here.