Targus Has Your iPad Covered


Are you someone who likes to relax, search the Internet and casually play games on your Apple iPad at home? Or do you think of yourself as a business-savvy go-getter, taking your iPad daily to the office, meetings or on business trips? Whatever you like to do with your iPad or wherever you like to take it, you want it to be protected. But what is the best cover for your needs? There are many different options for any type of iPad user. For the emailer, there are cases that provide different viewing angles as well as comfortable typing positions. For the business minded, there are covers that have built-in notepad and business-card holders. Some cases even claim stability for intense gamers. Targus offers each of these, so look no further.

Slim Case

Do you want a more basic, light case but also desire functionality and versatility? The Slim Case for the New iPad is a simple solution for travelers and everyday iPad users. The case is lightweight and slim, yet transforms to a hands-free stand that allows two viewing angles sturdy enough for swiping through applications or even for intense game play. Flip it around and the angle adjusts to a position perfect for typing emails. The iPad fits snugly into the custom-fit cradle, which has a rubbery finish that will not scratch the iPad. The soft-touch backing on the interior protects the aluminum back of the iPad from dirt and sand.

And when you are finished using your iPad for the moment, tuck away your stylus in the little holder on the back of the case and fold over the cover flap—the magnetic on/off feature will turn off your iPad. The cover is made in a high-end weave texture that is both attractive and durable, providing a good grip when held. If you have little gamers who also like to play on your iPad, the exterior of this case is water resistant and can be wiped clean with a cloth. This case has a precision-cut camera window, so your pictures will be clear and unobstructed without having to take your iPad out of the case. Access to all the iPad’s ports is available. The Apple logo also shows through on the back. Available in black, blue or red, this Slim Case seemingly does it all.

Vuscape Case and Stand

Stylish, practical, and functional, the Vuscape Case and Stand for the New iPad is also perfect for everyday iPad fans. It is what you want in a basic case, while remaining lightweight and sturdy. The iPad snaps into the custom-fit cradle lined with industry leading soft-to-the-touch material that protects the iPad from the inside out. The Vuscape case isn’t as slim as the Slim Case, but it does enable you to view the iPad from 3 different angles (instead of 2) on the hands-free stand, plus provides a comfortable, stable typing position. There is also a holder for your stylus, and a precision-cut camera opening, so you can take fantastic pictures without removing your iPad from its case. All ports are accessible. Close the cover and the iPad will be put into sleep mode with the magnetic on/off feature, conserving battery life. The exterior is made of a stylish textured weave that is water resistant and can easily be wiped clean. For the sophisticated iPad user, the Apple logo shows through on the back of the case. If you want practicality and functionality but don’t care about slimness, this is the case for you.

Simply Basic Cover

Living up to its name, the Simply Basic Cover for the New iPad (also fits the iPad 2) is simple, and basic! This is ideal for minimalists who want their iPad protected, but don’t want to give up the small frame of their favorite accessory. The case is slim, lightweight and durable. There is no cradle, but your iPad just easily slips in and out of the form-fitted iPad pocket where it is firmly protected by the soft interior lining. None of the ports of the iPad are blocked by this case, and sound comes through clearly. The water resistant, easy-to-clean cover is sturdy in a handsome twill texture. It folds back easily to allow you to read, watch movies or play games. The cover also has a magnetic sleep/wake feature that’s triggered when shut or opened, helping to conserve battery life. This Simply Basic case will protect every inch of your iPad with ease and simplicity—just flip the cover and carry it with you wherever you go.

Business Folio Case and Stand

Perfect for business-minded people who need to keep their busy lives organized, check out the Business Folio Case and Stand for the New iPad (also fits the iPad 2). This iPad folio comes with a notepad ready for your next meeting and has clever, stylish interior pockets for your ID, business cards and credit cards. There is a convenient interior stylus holder as well. The soft-touch interior lining protects the iPad’s aluminum backing from scratches as the cradle holds the iPad firmly. Practical and functional for meeting with clients on the go, this case has a built-in stand for easy widescreen viewing.

And if you are not fond of dirt or fingerprints all over your screen, this case includes a hidden, reusable CleanVu cleaning pad for immediate accommodation. The hard-shell exterior is durable, water resistant and easy to wipe clean, with stylish stitching along the edge. There is even a camera opening perfect for allowing you to take clear images with your iPad snug in its case. Don’t be late for your next meeting; with the Business Folio case (available in black or gray), everything you need will be at your fingertips.

Versavu Rotating Case and Stand

Are you an iPad enthusiast whose iPad never leaves his/her side? Look no further. See the Versavu Rotating Case and Stand for the New iPad. Browse the Internet, chat, email, read, play games, watch movies— this case will allow you to do everything without fuss, without having to remove your iPad from its case. It has a 360 degree rotating, built-in, hands-free stand, letting you use your iPad in a portrait or landscape orientation from four different viewing angles, plus one typing position.

The grooves in the stand are extra deep to provide excellent support for any application you may be using, whether in landscape or portrait position. This is perfect for home, work or travel. There is a clever stylus holder on the back. The iPad is held by a custom-fit casing with a soft-to-the-touch inner liner that can be wiped clean. All ports are accessible, and there is a precision-cut camera window so you can take perfect pictures without removing the iPad from the case. The exterior is padded, with a high-end textured, stain-resistant material that wipes clean with water. If you are proud of the Apple branding and style, everyone will know which tablet you are carrying with this case, as the Apple logo is framed by the porthole on the front. Available in black or gray, Versavu equals ultimate versatility.

VuComplete Back Cover

The VuComplete Back Cover for the New iPad will keep your back covered, and that’s about it. This case is for Apple purists who already have the Apple Smart Cover for their iPad. This Back Cover is a complement to the Apple Smart Cover. It is simple, with no bulk or unnecessary add-ons. The design is a form-fitted, snap-on shell that is water and stain resistant, and therefore, easy to clean. The interior is soft and will protect the iPad from scratches. The attractive, weave-textured exterior is for those who love the look of the iPad as it is. It preserves the iPad design and provides Apple lovers the opportunity to see the logo through the cover’s porthole. The case provides access to all ports, a perfectly cut camera aperture, and a comfortable grip for when you take it on the go. But remember, it is only the back that is covered; the front cover is up to you.

As you can see, Targus has just about every iPad user covered—the travelers and everyday users, the minimalists, the captains of industry, the enthusiasts and the Apple purists. As you choose which protection is best for your treasured possession, have fun deciding which type of iPad user you are or want to be.

  Material Weight Dimensions
Slim Case Exterior: Durable, water-resistant, padded shell; Interior: Soft, scratch resistant 9.9 oz 7.4 x 9.5 x .4"
Vuscape Case and Stand Exterior: Water and stain-resistant, padded, molded shell; Interior: Soft, scratch resistant 12.1 oz 7.4 x 9.5 x .4"
Simply Basic Cover Exterior: Water-resistant, padded shell; Interior: Soft, scratch resistant 8.5 oz 7.4 x 9.5 x .4"
Business Folio Case and Stand Exterior: Water-resistant, padded hard shell; Interior: Soft, scratch resistant 8.3 oz 7.4 x 9.5 x .4"
Versavu Rotating Case and Stand Exterior: Water and stain-resistant hard shell; Interior: Soft, scratch resistant 14.6 oz 7.4 x 9.5 x .4"
VuComplete Back Cover Exterior: Water and stain-resistant hard shell; Interior: Soft, scratch resistant 1.3 lb 7.4 x 9.5 x .4"



I just purchased my targus case with keyboard. The better price was for a cream colored one. How do I keep the case clean?

Hi Renee -

Always test a small, inconspicuous area with a lint-free cloth (micro-fiber is an excellent choice) dampened with warm water and possibly a trace amount of a pure soap.  Dab gently - no vigorous scrubbing is required.   Wipe away any soap residue with another clean, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Never use solvents that contain alcohol or acetone. Likewise, avoid harsh abrasives or surfactants that may abrade or discolor the cover.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  [email protected]


Contact paper - you can get any color or pattern you want. I doesn't leave reside and protects the case from getting dirty. My case is light grey and that's what I use.

The inside of my Versace case has a cloth like material that is dirty....cannot find the best way to clean this....help would be appreciated

Hello -

Not knowing the material composition of this Versace case leaves me at a loss as to recommend a cleaning regimen for you. I would test a small area with a lint free -cloth (micro-fiber is an excellent choice) dampened with warm water and possibly a trace amount of a pure soap.  Dab gently -no vigorous scrubbing of the fabric please.  Then wipe any soap residue with another clean, slightly damp lint-free cloth.  If you have any reservations contact Versace:


IF YOU CAN’T FIND THE CORRECT ANSWER ONLINE AND YOU WOULD NEED FURTHER ASSISTANCE, PLEASE CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AT +44 20 - 3617 6226.                                                    OR MAIL TO Service email: [email protected]

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  [email protected]