TetherTools Universal Tablet Mounts and Accessories


Sometimes, squinting at that 3" LCD screen really doesn’t cut it. Tethering is the perfect way to view digital images on a larger screen in real time. It makes it easier to assess picture quality, composition, lighting, and details without hovering over the camera’s little display. It’s an effective solution for working in the studio, popular on commercial shoots where clients and team members may be collaborating. Early technologies were an expensive and bulky way to work, reserved mainly for high-end professionals. But now, we have great tools at our disposal that give us the freedom to travel light and be mobile. Many of us now use our tablets, e-readers, and even smartphones as sorts of external monitors—tethering is no longer just for studio work. Maybe you’re looking for a wonderfully convenient way to set up a DIY photo booth at a party or wedding. Maybe it’s not about tethering at all; maybe you need a stable way to mount your tablet to read, display information, or give a small presentation. TetherTools is dedicated to that process, and the company’s brand-new line of AeroTab Mounts helps stabilize all our favorite tablets to be used as mini monitors, wherever we want them.

All of the new AeroTab mounts are built with solid all-metal construction, and retain a beautifully streamlined design. You can toss one in a camera bag, or even with your tripod or light stands, and not have to worry about it taking up much space. Quite simply, an AeroTab mount fits diagonally across the back of your tablet and attaches tightly at the corners. The inner grips are padded so they not only stay snug, but also prevent scratches on the surface of your device. Because of the slim diagonal fit, nothing on the tablet is blocked. You still have total access to all buttons or ports, while the device’s speakers and screen stay free of obstructions. There’s a bonus ¼"-20 receptor on one end of each AeroTab, so you can attach a camera strap, or use it to incorporate a microphone, recorder, light, or other piece of equipment into your setup. Once in place, the AeroTab can be tightened to a customized fit by adjusting a circular bracket. From there, you just mount it on whatever tripod, arm, or light stand you’re using.

The AeroTab system comes in four versions, each one specific to the size of your tablet, and how you’d like to mount it. When you’re taking size into account, remember to measure diagonally across your entire device; not just reference the screen size. The S2 and S4 AeroTabs are designated with an S for Standard, and accordingly fit nearly any size tablet (and even some phablets) ranging from 8.75 to 14". This covers almost all standard-sized devices made by Apple, Amazon, Samsung, ASUS, Sony, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Microsoft, and others with a thickness up to 0.5". The larger L2 and L4 versions, where L designates Large, are compatible with tablets from 13.5 to 20" with a thickness up to 0.75". These tend to be the more professionally geared devices such as the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, or Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, as well as Wacom tablets. The AeroTab really doesn’t discriminate, so if your tablet meets its measurements, odds are it’ll fit. Better yet, you don’t even need to remove any protective case as long as it falls within the length and thickness requirements. Just be sure to leave the protective case on when you measure.

TetherTools EasyGrip


There are also two mounting options available for either the Standard or Large AeroTab, which you’ll notice labeled as either 2 or 4. The S2/L2 systems are mounted with the LoPro-2 bracket. This slim bracket is compatible with any standard ¼"-20 tripod thread, as well as any Arca-style dovetail attachment. The receptors are compatible with an assortment of TetherTools accessory pieces; the 7" or 11" Rock Solid Articulating Arm, EasyGrip, or  Master Clamp (with Baby stud). For $10 more, the other mounting bracket, designated with S4/L4, is fitted with the LAJO-4 ProBracket. The LAJO-4 has all the mounting compatibility of the LoPro-2, with a few extras. The LAJO-4 is also compatible with any ⅜" threaded device, and it can be mounted on any ⅝"(16mm) Baby pin. Apart from your standard light stand/knuckle, this also is compatible with the Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm or Aero Elbow. Both are great stand-alone products, as well as building blocks to a bigger, more involved setup.


TetherTools has combined the AeroTab Universal Tablet Mounting System S2 and the EasyGrip into convenient kits. The mounting system is now available with the ST, LG, and XL EasyGrips.