Two New Beyerdynamic Headphones Bring Pro Sound to Consumer Devices


Two new sets of headphones from Beyerdynamic bring a professional level of sound quality to portable music players and consumer devices, and offer tasteful looks to accompany their world-class sound. The new Custom One Pro has a unique feature that enables you to control its bass response and noise-canceling abilities, and you can customize its appearance with separately available accessories. The new DT 770 PRO Limited Edition 32 Ohms are exactly what they sound like, a 32-Ohm version of Beyerdynamic’s best selling DT 770 studio headphones. They feature all-black styling and a gadget-friendly impedance for optimal performance with media players, smartphones, tablets and computers. Both of these models are handmade in Germany and exude quality.

Custom One Pro

The new Custom One Pro from Beyerdynamic are the first headphones that enable you to acoustically control their bass response and noise-canceling ability with switches on the sides of the ear cups.The switches open and close bass-reflex vents, which alter the sonic characteristics of the headphones to suit your listening preferences. When you need more bass, you can switch the vents into the open position. The closed setting attenuates sound leakage, which is ideal for situations where you don’t want to disturb others. Other kinds of headphones apply processing and EQ in order to enhance the bass response, but with the Custom One Pro, it happens acoustically. Beyerdynamic's literature describes the effect as dramatic—you can feel the transducers pushing the air around your ears.

The switches have four positions in all, giving you options to match your wishes. Opening and closing the vents changes the amount of ambient noise that enters the headphones, so they perform as an adjustable noise-canceling feature.    

Just as you can adapt the Custom One Pro headphones to your listening needs, their visual appearance can be altered as well. They come out of the box with a low profile, yet sophisticated looking matte black finish, but colorful components can be purchased separately to adorn them to your liking. Different-colored headbands and output cables will be available, as well as rings and plates for the sides of the ear cups that feature graphics with different themes. Beyerdynamic is even planning to implement a program in which you can send the company a JPEG, and ear-cup plates will be custom printed for you. Various detachable output cables will also be available that feature integrated remotes and mics for smartphones, headsets for gaming, etc.

Sound-quality wise, the Custom One Pro headphones deliver excellent performance with a 16-ohm impedance, which is ideal for consumer devices. They share many of the same specifications as the DT 770 PROs (one of the top-selling headphones among professional music producers and musicians). The Custom One Pro was designed to be an interactive headphone that adapts to your listening and visual needs and desires, while providing first-rate sonic performance.

DT 770 PRO Limited Edition 32 Ohms

Created to celebrate Beyerdynamic’s 88th anniversary, the new DT 770 PRO Limited Edition 32 Ohms headphones offer a lower impedance rating than the standard DT 770 PRO, as well as an understated style. They share most of the design characteristics of the ever-popular DT 770 PRO headphones, but feature the lower impedance that plays nicely with consumer electronics. The standard DT 770 PRO headphones have an impedance rating of 250 ohms, which is ideal for professional audio equipment that has powerful headphone amplifiers, but leaves much to be desired when used with consumer gear. The new DT 770 PRO Limited Edition 32 Ohm headphones bring all of the much-loved performance of this model to your portable electronics. This new 32-Ohm version will also be useful in the studio with your pro gear.  

Because you’ll be wearing these headphones out on the street, they feature a distinctive, non-attention-grabbing, all-black styling with attractive aluminum labels on the sides of the ear cups. The labels have the number "88" embossed in a decorative pattern, and they add a nice finishing touch to the look. The headband and ear pads feature a comfortable soft-skin material that can easily be replaced if they wear out.

Both of these new models offer a great way to get that famous Beyerdynamic sound on your consumer devices. If these headphones sound intriguing, you need to act. They will only be available in 2012.

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  Custom One Pro DT 770 PRO Limited Edition 32 Ohms
Transmission Type Wired Wired
Transducer Type Dynamic Dynamic
Headphone Design Closed Closed
Headphones Impedance 16 ohms 32 ohms
Frequency Response 5 Hz-35 kHz 5 Hz-35 kHz
Nominal SPL 96 dB 96 dB
Max SPL 116 dB Not specified
Nominal T.H.D. <0.2% <0.2%
Power Handling Capacity 100 mW 100 mW
Ambient Noise Attenuation Approx. 18 dBA Not specified
Ambient Noise Isolation Not specified Approx. 20 dB(A)
Sound Coupling to the Ear Circumaural Circumaural
Nominal Headband Pressure Approx. 3.5 N Approx. 3.5 N
Cable & Plug Detachable connecting cable with 1/8" (3.5mm) jack & 1/4" (6.35mm) adapter, additional cables available separately Straight connecting cable with 1/8" (3.5mm) jack & 1/4" (6.35mm) adapter
Cable Material PVC Not specified
Cable Length 4.92' (1.5 m) 5.24' (1.6 m)
Weight 290 g (without cable) 270 g


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Just to say that, with the COP phones you have got the bass slider control feature totally wrong. OPening the phones INCREASES the bass, not vice-versa as in your review!!