A Covert Camera for Every Occasion, from LawMate


From among the extensive lineup of covert HD cameras from LawMate, we present the new Remote Control, Coffee Cup Lid, and Car Dashboard Phone Mount, three compact capture/record systems for nearly every occasion. The remote control records up to Full HD 1080p resolution video upon body heat detection, and it features a standby battery life of up to 8 days, so you can leave it in the home or other location for extended periods of surveillance. The coffee cup lid fits most paper or plastic coffee cups and offers one-button recording in 720p HD resolution for up to 115 minutes on a single charge of its battery. The phone mount captures the interior of your vehicle for a variety of surveillance purposes. Valet parkers, beware! It records in 1080p resolution in the daytime and switches to black-and-white night vision in pitch-black environments. It can be set up to record upon motion activation or manually. And it’s adjustable in size to hold most phones!

LawMate PV-RC10FHD Remote Control with Covert 1080p Camera

All three cameras capture at a real-time frame rate of 30 fps with time and date stamps on the footage. They store to microSD cards and allow you to offload the recordings to your computer easily over included USB cables.