Apple Discontinues the Click Wheel

Original iPod

In 2001, digital music players were large and bulky or small, with sub-par user interfaces and little functionality. On October 23, 2001, Apple announced the release of the iPod―the company’s first portable music player. While the price tag was $400 and the scroll wheel was unconventional at the time, this device made its way into the pockets―and hearts―of many music lovers over the years. The iPod has revolutionized the music industry and allowed people to carry around an entire music library, with the latest iteration boasting up to 160GB of memory. There is still a good-sized family of iPod models to choose from, such as the nano and the touch, but many users are sad to see the original iPod become a part of digital-player history. On September 9, this iconic device was discontinued without much fanfare―pulled from the online shelves of the Apple site. During a time of several exciting new announcements, Apple also made the decision to retire this MP3 player. Starting with its humble beginnings and ending with its final design, come along for a visual evolution of the iPod Classic: