Apple Pay Now Available on B&H Mobile


Here at B&H Photo, we're happy to announce that Apple Pay is now available on our mobile website. When you visit our mobile site in the Safari browser, you’ll have the option of checking out with Apple Pay. Simply set up your Apple Pay account on your compatible device beforehand, and you’ll be ready to shop with just a simple touch.



Apple Pay is the ultra-secure, ultra-convenient way to check out at B&H. It cuts checkout times in half by allowing you to store purchasing information, such as your address and payment method, so you won’t have to continually fill in blanks in the future. Simply place your finger on Touch ID or the Touch Bar and you’ll check out. Not only is Apple Pay fast, it also adds an extra layer of security to your transactions by creating unique device numbers and transaction codes in lieu of credit card information—that way all your transactions will be speedy and secure!

Apple Pay is already available in the B&H SuperStore and through our iOS app. We’re happy to be adding Apple Pay to our mobile site. Try it today! Let us know how you like it, in the Comments section, below.


Yeah, but my Apple card isn't working on first attempt at using with B&H

We are sorry to hear about any issues you are facing placing an order.  Feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us up at 800-606-6969 for further assistance. 

Apple Pay is still accpted at B&H.

Why is it on your mobile site only? Why not your full site when viewed through Safari on a Mac?