BlackBerry Classic 16GB Smartphone


Featuring a dedicated QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad, the BlackBerry Classic is ideal for users who prefer a tactile interaction over virtual soft keys. But since so many apps these days rely on gesture-based navigation, the phone provides a 3.5" 720 x 720 LCD touchscreen, as well. Though classic in name, the phone is up to date, with a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU and 2MB of RAM.

The BlackBerry OS is well known for its productivity-focused features. These include a number of apps to help schedule meetings, keep contacts organized, and edit documents and spreadsheets on the go. Since you probably won't just use it for work, the OS features separation of your work and personal use—including contacts, accessible apps, browser history, and files. In addition to all of the pre-loaded apps, you'll have access to not one, but two app  stores. The BlackBerry's own apps store ensures you won't miss out on apps  available natively on the BlackBerry platform, and this includes the Amazon Apps Store, which opens the phone up to a whole range for Android. 

Since you'll probably see your phone as more than just a computer in your pocket, the "Classic" moniker shouldn't fool you. The phone features an 8MP rear camera that also supports 1080p video capture, plus there is a 2MP front camera for "selfies" and video chatting at up to 720p.