Bose® Sleepbuds™ App Update


A little while ago, Jaime Traba wrote a nice review of the Bose® Sleepbuds™, a pair of wireless earbuds designed to help you get some much needed shuteye. He spoke fondly of the app’s interface, settings, and features, as well as the ten built-in sounds that helped send him off to sleep.

Bose® Noise-Masking In-Ear Sleepbuds™

Now, Bose® is announcing a firmware update to the Sleepbuds™ and corresponding update for the app. And what do you get in this firmware update? Ten new sounds!

  • Boardwalk - waves crash in the distance as water burbles under a pier
  • Country Road - steady sound of nighttime cicadas and distant highway rumble
  • Hideaway - the sound of a faraway storm as it passes by
  • Marina - a hammock in the hull of an old boat, gently sloshing waves and seagulls
  • Rainforest - a tranquil mid-day scene of birds in the rainforest
  • Shore Line - gentle, rolling waves crest along a vast shoreline
  • Songbirds - birds color the quiet ambiance of a backyard garden
  • Squall - distant rain and thunder on a summer’s night
  • Window seat - steady rain patters and thrums overhead
  • Windswept - a gentle breeze mingles with the sound of long windchimes