CES 2015: New Misfit Bolt Color-Changing Wireless LED Light Bulb with Bluetooth


Smart lighting just got a whole lot smarter with today’s announcement from wearable maker Misfit. The company’s new Bolt color-changing wireless LED light bulb connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to your smartphone instead of a central hub, allowing you customize your room by fine-tuning brightness levels and selecting from millions of colors to suit your style or mood. The 60W equivalent bulb only uses 13W of power and screws into a standard light bulb socket, providing 260° light dispersion through its glass dome.

However, the Bolt comes into its own when connected to a Misfit wearable, such as the Shine (available from B&H here). This lets the Bolt link up with your sleep cycles, so you can set an alarm on your device’s Misfit app and gently wake up to a sunrise in your own bedroom after falling asleep to a soothing light show. The Bolt isn’t limited to the bedroom, though: students and professionals alike can appreciate the ability to subtly tune your light source to be cooler or warmer, preventing eye strain. When it’s time for fun, the Scenes function lets you create your own automatically cycling color pattern, and party modes turn your living room into a nightclub.

 Misfit’s appropriately named Shine fitness-tracking wearable can be worn as a wristband, clipped to your clothes, or even as a necklace. The activity tracker gathers data about your movement throughout the day, so you can see how many steps you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned, and set goals to improve your health. Like the Bolt, it’s made from aluminum with LEDs, but the Shine’s LEDs show the time and your progress toward your goals. It’s even water resistant to 150', so you can track your activity while swimming. The Misfit Shine connects to your phone with Bluetooth LE, and lasts up to four months on a single replaceable CR2032 battery

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