CES 2015: Polar A300 Fitness Watch


More than 40 years after Polar created the first wireless heart rate monitor, the company recently debuted the new A300 fitness watch at the International CES 2015, in Las Vegas. The slim, waterproof wrist-worn activity tracker joins the full line of heart-rate monitors and wearable sports devices. But in addition to the A300’s small form factor, it packs the kind of robust functionality that you’d expect from a company with such long-standing presence in the wearable tech arena.

Like many of Polar products, the A300 supports the Smart Coaching features, based on heart rate, as well as 24/7 activity tracking. Heart-rate data is available when worn together with the included Polar H7 heart-rate sensor. This watch is designed for smart training to help users improve fitness without pushing personal limits. The watch provides motivating feedback and shows whether the training improved fitness or burned fat, and calculates total burned calories from training and daily activity.

Aside from exercise data, the watch tracks your moves all day. See active time, steps, distance, and sleep time, along with sleep-quality feedback. It tracks all the active choices you’ve made throughout the day and shows how they help you stay healthy. Based on an individual daily activity goal, users are rewarded or gently reminded to move around. If one is sitting for too long, a vibration alert encourages movement. Activity and training data can be synced wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart using the Polar Flow web service and app, and summaries can be shared with for a little friendly competition.

The A300 is lightweight and seamless for all-day comfort, and separately sold wristbands will be available so that the standard silicone band can be swapped out. Before needing a recharge, the A300 can provide 24/7 tracking for up to four weeks. The A300 is slated to be available in February, with six color choices.

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I am a primary runner who aims to improve my pacing.

Before knowing that there will be a Polar A300 launched, I was planning to buy M400. But A300 had yellow colour which is my favourite colour.

I would like to know what are the functional difference between M400 & A300? Is A300 suitable for running (I am quite concern the function of real time pacing).

Thank you for your info.

Hi Winnie -

The new A300 is essentially a trimmed down M400.   They both work with the Polar Flow web service and app, afree online community and service that helps understand the impact of your activity and see the long term progress you make.  The A300 does not offer an integrated GPS feature. The M400 also ofers more detail and options including:

  • Interval Timer
  • Interval trainer guided workouts – heart rate / distance
  • Manual and automatic laps
  • Sport Profiles (adjustable)
  • ZonePointer
  • User configurable displays
  • ZoneLock

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Polar does not make cheapo pulse meters ... they make EKG accurate Heart Rate Monitors ... if someone could make a strapless

monitor that was accurate for excercise Polar would have done it ... they hold many patents for it ...

If your serious about excercise you need accuracy at over 100 beats per minute ... if not stay on the couch and play with your pulse meter ...   

Someday Polar is going to figure out that people HATE wearing the stupid chest straps.  Having a watch do the tracking adds almost zero benefit over others in an already crowded field.   Yup Polar was bleeding edge 40 years ago.