CES 2019: New Power Banks from Mophie


A crop of new portable power banks from mophie was released at CES 2019. Among the offerings is the powerstation plus line of mobile chargers. If you're like most people, you're carrying around at least a couple of mobile/wireless devices that you use throughout the day. The powerstation plus, plus mini, and plus XL are a compact and versatile solution to your charging needs. Their versatility is on display with an integrated charging cable that can handle two different connections: micro-USB and Lightning. The cable stores cleanly in the powerstation plus's cable slot and ends in a micro-USB port. If you need it to transform to Lightning, just pop on the included switch-tip connector.

The powerstation plus line comes in three different capacities to better suit your unique charging needs: 4060mAh (powerstation plus mini), 6040mAh (powerstation plus), and 10,000mAh (powerstation plus XL). With the powerstation plus and plus XL models, you get an additional USB Type-A output that delivers up to 12W of fast-charging power. Exclusive to the powerstation plus XL is the ability to recharge it wirelessly. Simply place the powerstation plus XL onto your wireless charging pad. Like the other powerstation plus power banks, you can also recharge the plus XL via the built-in micro-USB port.

Through the micro-USB/Lightning cable, all three powerstation plus models deliver 12W of charging power. To keep charging safe and efficient, the powerstation will identify your device and only give it as much power as it can handle. They also feature Priority+ pass-through charging, so when you charge devices and the powerstation plus at the same time, all the power will go to your device(s) first. On the exterior, the powerstation plus power banks sport a premium fabric finish in multiple colors on one side, and a grippy, textured plastic finish on the other.

But wait, there's more! Mophie announced a second line of power banks at CES 2019, which the company simply calls: powerstation. The powerstation has a sleek and sophisticated aluminum finish that comes in three different colors and is designed to support Apple Lightning and USB devices. There is one Lightning and two USB charging ports on the powerstation. From the 5050mAh battery capacity, the Lightning port and one of the USB ports will output up to 10W/2.1A of power, while the second USB port provides 5W/1A.

Both lines, the powerstation and powerstation plus, come equipped with a Charge Status button to get at-a-glance battery status of each unit via four LED indicator lights. They all also use mophie's Charge Vault Technology, which is designed to enable the high-density batteries to hold their charges for an extended period, so they're ready when you are.

The powerstation and powerstation plus power banks give you peace of mind that your devices will stay charged, stay connected, and be available to you all day long. If you want the security that they offer, they are all available now for pre-order at B&H.