Huawei P30 Smartphones Promise Cutting-Edge Mobile Photography


It’s multi-camera madness with the P30 series of smartphones from Huawei. For the P30 Lite, P30, and P30 Pro, the focus is on mobile photography—in a big way. The triple and quad camera systems of the line are helping to push the boundaries of current smartphone photography. The P30 and P30 Pro have what Huawei calls a Super Camera System. Co-engineered with the intrepid minds at Leica, the system provides the P30 with ultrawide, wide, and tele lenses, while the P30 Pro adds a TOF depth-sensing camera to the mix. There’s much to discover with the imaging capabilities of the P30 series, so let’s get started.

Huawei P30 Series

The P30 Lite might not boast the long spec list of the P30 or P30 Pro, but it still has an impressive triple rear camera array with ultra-wide photo capture. You get a 24MP wide, 8MP ultrawide, and 2MP depth sensor, as well as a 32MP hi-res front selfie camera. The P30 ushers in the Huawei Super Camera System. You get triple rear cameras like the Lite, but at much higher resolutions—a 40MP wide, 16MP ultrawide, and an 8MP telephoto instead of depth sensing. In addition, Huawei adds 5x hybrid and 30x digital zoom to the P30. Throw in RYYB color sensing and a Kirin 980 octa-core chipset, and more light can be used to improve night shots with additional detail.

Huawei P30 LITE

Finally, the P30 Pro, the bleeding edge of the line with a Super Camera System of its own. However, the P30 Pro is more. More cameras, more resolution, more zoom, more possibilities. The P30 Pro boasts a rear quad system, with a 40MP wide, 20MP ultrawide, 8MP tele, and TOF camera for depth sensing. The TOF camera is coupled with built-in AI for smooth, pro-level blurred backgrounds and long-exposure capabilities.

The P30 Pro also upgrades the zoom with a 5x hybrid and 50x super zoom that can bring the moon into frame. The P30 Pro, like the P30, can even see up close with 1" macro photo capture. The P30 Pro also shares the P30’s RYYB color sensing and Kirin 980 octa-core chipset but adds stability to the mix in the form of OIS. This stabilization is applied to still photos and video capture.

If smartphone photography is your thing, you should be happy with any of the P30 models. However, there is more to this series than just cameras. They are smartphones, after all. How about the display? Well, they are all large, with the P30 Lite and P30 at 6.1" and the P30 Pro at 6.47". If stunning visuals are important in your gaming and video, go with the P30 or P30 Pro, because they feature OLED technology.

How about storage? With all these cameras, you’re going to need a lot, and Huawei knows it. They gave a huge 128GB to their entry P30 Lite and mid-range P30 models, doubling it to a whopping 256GB with the P30 Pro. If that’s not enough, you can always add a microSD card to each. The entire family comes pre-loaded with the Android 9.0 Pie operating system, includes dual nano SIM cards, and operates on GSM/4G LTE networks.

Do you think the P30 series has enough cameras? If not, what lenses do you crave in the next generation of smartphone? As always, hit us up with your questions or sound off with your opinions in the Comments section, below. The P30 Lite, P30, and P30 Pro comes in a variety of colors, so be sure to head to and grab your favorite before it’s gone.