IK Multimedia Introduces iRing


IK Multimedia is no stranger to the iOS music market, and has been making a variety of music apps and peripherals for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for years. With the announcement of the iRing motion controller, it is clear they are continuing to bring innovation to their product line and help iOS evolve as a music-creation platform.


The iRing is designed to provide control over music apps and effects using both motion and positioning detection, allowing you to create and perform without touching your device. The ring itself is two-sided, one side with a linear arrangement of dots, the other with a triangular grip that fits between two of your fingers.

The iRing’s position is determined by using your device’s front-facing camera, and provides control similar to a standard XY grid, but, since the iRing works in three dimensions, it also adds a Z axis. In practical terms, this gives you the ability to control up to three parameters of an instrument or effect, all without touching your iOS device.

For iRing to function with your apps, you’ll need to install the free iRing FX/Control app, which not only translates and sends the XYZ info to your apps, but also includes 16 effects. Old standards such as filter, delay, compression, reverb, and wah are there, but IK Multimedia also throws in modern DJ effects such as Fuzzy, Crush, Twist, Brake, Spin, and Tail.

Also included is the iRing Music Maker app, which works similarly to IK Multimedia’s GrooveMaker app, but has been redesigned to enhance iRing functionality.

Since the iRing is a unique tool for controlling music apps, IK Multimedia has also made available an SDK and free licensing program for app developers, so you can look to more third-party apps with integrated iRing functions in the future.