LG Doubles Up with the New V20 Smartphone


LG Electronics unveiled the next generation of its lauded V-series smartphone, the highly anticipated V20. Continuing the V’s platform of “two is better than one,” the V20 features dual cameras (2 on the back, 2-in-1 on the front), dual displays, dual apps running on the screen, and more.

Not content with mere quantity, LG engineered the new V20 with some serious quality, as well. For starters, the V20 features a 5.7" QHD IPS display that’s arguably the brightest screen LG has ever made. Its secondary screen is a single 2.1" bar that’s sunlight-readable and will continuously display time, date, and notification data even when the V20 is locked—at no significant cost to the battery, either. The main camera setup is made of 16MP and 8MP rear sensors (for normal field of view and wide-angle shots) and is supported by some of the most advanced settings on the market. Its 2-in-1 front camera is a 5MP sensor that also features normal and wide-angle modes, so you can take ultra-crisp selfies, “ussies,” or, depending on the size of your entourage, the whole squad.

The V20 also has a lot going on under the hood. It comes equipped with a powerful and energy-efficient Snapdragon 820 chipset with 4GB of RAM in support. 64GB of storage is built-in and there’s a microSD card slot for increasing storage capacity up to 2TB. At 3200mAh, the V20’s battery is a step up from the V10 and is removable, which is a huge plus to consumers who don’t like being beholden to the more prevalent non-removable design. Since the V20 is brand new, it will run Android 7.0 Nougat right out of the box, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with the entire suite of Google applications, including Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive, and more.

The new LG V20 is coming soon to B&H and will be available for pre-order and purchase. As an added incentive, when you purchase the V20 for a select time, it will ship with an LG 8GB G Pad. The 7-inch G Pad is regularly priced at $149 and integrates seamlessly with your V20 or works as a stand-alone Wi-Fi tablet. Additionally, if you purchase the V20 before 11/20, you can also claim a free pair of H3 Earphones from B&O PLAY. These earphones are regularly priced at $149 and are designed to support the exceptional audio quality of the V20’s Hi-Fi Quad DACs fully. To claim your free H3 earphones, simply go to this link and follow the on-screen directions. Both promotions are limited to U.S. customers only. The H3 earphones are available for customers using AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, or Verizon carriers. Other restrictions may apply.