LG G Watch now with Voice-Command Recognition


In the now saturated world of wearable tech, there are many imitators, but few innovators. LG’s G Watch is an innovator―one of the first Android Wear Bluetooth-enabled devices that touts voice-command recognition. Running on Android 4.3 and higher, you can see vital notifications from apps like Twitter, Gmail, and Google Now by looking at you wrist; forget digging around for your smartphone!

The slim watch has an always-on 1.65-inch screen and an integrated 400mAh battery to keep it going wherever you go. Its IP67 certification means it’s resistant to water and dust, making it even better suited to a life on the go. The watch has a strap with buckle and you can even customize it with any 22mm (8.6-inch) watch strap. Select your LG G Watch in either Black Titan or White Gold.