NAB 2019: Fly Like a Hero with Iron Man Edition Tello Drone


Just in time for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame movie, RYZE Tech has announced a special Iron Man Edition of its popular Tello Drone. Featuring a red and gold shell and Arc Reactor-inspired design, this new Iron Man-themed drone could easily pass as a miniature member of the Iron Legion.

Tello Iron Man Edition

Tello Iron Man Edition

The Iron Man Edition Tello is more than just a sharp-looking paintjob, however. The drone also supports the new Tello Hero app, which puts pilots into an immersive training experience led by Iron Man’s ever-present AI assistant, FRIDAY. With the Hero app, pilots will learn the ins and out of flying, go on virtual training missions, and get an exclusive peek into Iron Man’s world.

The Iron Man Edition Tello includes all the features that made the original Tello such a fan favorite. Those highlights include up to 13 minutes of uninterrupted flight time, intelligent flight modes that allow you to perform tricks and flips, DJI-backed safety protocols, and a camera system capable of capturing 5MP photos and streaming 720p HD video to a compatible smart device. And, just like the original, the Iron Man Edition Tello also teaches young pilots about coding through its programmable functions.

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