New Rugged Smartphones from Cat


Rugged, reliable, and ready for action, the new S31 and S41 smartphones from Cat feature powerful performance and a tenacious design. True to the Cat brand, these ultra-durable phones are built tough to withstand even the most challenging environments. Each phone includes worksite-ready protections like an IP68 waterproof rating, Mil-Spec 810G drop certification, and scratch-resistant screen. In other words, you can dunk them, drop them, or ding them, and they’ll keep on going without missing a beat or dropping a call.

While other phone manufacturers use “standard” and “plus” designation for their tiered smartphones, it’s more practical to think of the S31 and S41 in terms of ruggedness, running the gamut from tough-as-nails to darn-near nail proof. For example, both phones are waterproof, but the S31 is guaranteed to 4' for 35 minutes, while the S41 can withstand a depth of 6.6' for up to 60 minutes. Likewise, the S31’s display is shielded with Gorilla Glass 3, while the S41 uses the even stronger Gorilla Glass 5.

Hardware specs are also staggered: The S31 features a 4.7" display with 720p resolution, 1.3 GHz CPU with 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. Meanwhile, the S41 has a more enhanced 5" screen with 1080p graphics, 2.3 GHz CPU, and comes with 32GB of memory and 3GB of RAM. Both have long-lasting batteries and capable front-and-rear camera setups, but again, the S41 packs a little more punch in terms of technical specifications.

Regardless of which Cat smartphone you choose, you’ll have a rugged, reliable device that can handle whatever’s thrown at it. Also, it can handle being thrown.

The new S31 and S41 smartphones are available now at B&H.

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how would these compare to a regular phone w/ a nice hardy case?