Papago Fitness Trackers



Whether you’re an elite athlete or just looking to keep in shape, tracking your fitness and workouts has become essential to maintaining and improving your body’s wellness. Papago’s wearable trackers provide a range of options for anyone who wants to record critical data concerning their activity and health. The GOLiFE CARE smart band tracks everything from your steps and calories burned to sleep quality, and displays the time on its LED screen. Vibrating silent alarms gently wake you in the morning and alert you to incoming calls when connected over Bluetooth with your smartphone. A Bluetooth connection also lets you take advantage of the GOLiFE Fit, Papago’s free data-logging app. Designed to be worn around the clock, the GOLiFE CARE is splash- and dust resistant and the battery lasts up to eight days before it needs a charge.

While the GOLiFE CARE is designed for long-term fitness tracking, Papago’s GoWatch 770 sports watch takes activity logging to the next level. Built-in GPS offers highly accurate tracking of your walking, running, hiking, or biking that can be uploaded into GOLiFE Run for detailed analysis. It’s also water resistant, capable of being submerged in up to 3.3' of water for up to 30 minutes. The watch’s interface acts as a virtual trainer, allowing you to set up goals across a variety of metrics, such as speed, distance, and time. To provide a complete picture of your training and workout sessions, the GoWatch 770 bundle adds a heart-rate monitor that encircles your chest and connects to the watch via the ANT+ wireless standard. The GoWatch 770’s battery lasts for up to 12 hours in training mode and up to 20 hours in watch mode. Available in several color options.

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