PIQ Multisport Sensor: New Performance Tracking and Analysis


Exciting news for the fitness-metrics obsessed: the PIQ Multisport Sensor has arrived and brings with it a new era of performance tracking and analysis. This sophisticated device promises to measure all your performance metrics, no matter the sport or activity. Are you a golfer? The PIQ Sensor can analyze your swing, tell you the exact distance to the green, and even provide live shot tracking. Like to ski? With the PIQ, you can record your slope runs, analyze jumps and turns, and much more. Tennis and kiteboarding tracking is also available, with more sport options to come.

Despite its advanced tracking technology and sophisticated design, the PIQ is relatively easy to use. Simply pair it with the companion app on your compatible smartphone, and you’re ready to go. The PIQ will relay your performance data to your smartphone so you can see every detail of your sport session. You can use this data to help improve your performance or share it with friends on the community website and challenge them to try and do better.

Different accessory kits are available for each sport, with each kit providing the necessary accessory for wearing the PIQ Sensor (be it ski-boot strap, tennis wristband, etc.). You can choose to bundle your PIQ Sensor with any of these accessory kits or purchase them a la carte as you go.  

The PIQ Multisport Sensor and Sport Accessory Kits are available now at B&H. 


Unfortunately, I’m not aware of an option for water skiing.  Though, PIQ is continuing to work on apps for more sports.  Perhaps water skiing would be an option in the future.