RØDE Vlogger Kits: Complete Filmmaking Solutions for Smartphones


Expand your online impact by shooting your vlogs, livestreams, YouTube videos, and social media posts with new RØDE Vlogger Kits, complete packages designed specifically for hassle-free, high-quality audio and video recording to any smartphone. Get the Universal Kit for 3.5mm-equipped mobile phones, the iOS Edition for iPhones and iPods, or the USB-C Edition for USB Type-C smartphones.

Each bundle features an ultracompact RØDE directional condenser microphone, an on-camera light with a diffuser and eight colored filters, a tripod, a phone holder, and the required accessories to make it all work. Equipped with a Vlogger Kit, your smartphone can transform into a portable and convenient production system that provides markedly improved caliber of sound and picture.

Since each kit’s supplied RØDE mic runs on power from your device and has no controls or switches, it serves as a simple and reliable microphone that’s ideal for filmmakers who can't be slowed down by intricate configuration. The included MicroLED on-camera light recharges via a USB Type-C connection, so you never have to concern yourself with keeping a stash of spare batteries. Shooting outdoors? Slip the included furry windshield over the mic to tame wind noise and achieve cleaner audio recordings.

The Vlogger Kits come with everything you need (and more) to start recording quality video and audio easily with your smartphone, so you can shoot your next vlog, Instagram story, Facebook Live session, YouTube special, or behind-the-scenes footage looking and sounding better than ever. Unbox the Vlogger Kit with confidence, knowing that all you have to supply is your smartphone and an idea for your next shoot. In a handful of simple steps, you'll be set up and ready to roll:

  1. Mount the phone holder atop the tripod stand and secure your smartphone in the phone holder.
  2. Attach the MicroLED light and plug the microphone into your smartphone.
  3. Turn on the MicroLED light, open your app of choice, and begin filming.

No matter what smartphone you swear by, RØDE’s Vlogger Kits make sure you’re well equipped to produce a level of quality that you simply can’t attain with your phone alone.

Does this seem like the type of kit you would find useful? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below, then head into the B&H SuperStore or cruise our website to learn more about these all-inclusive filmmaking kits from RØDE!